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Just A Question
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Old 09 Apr 2006, 00:05   #1 (permalink)
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Default Just A Question

Hey guys, i was making some models yesterday and had two bolt pistol arms for left and right, and i thought that would look kinda cool, so the question is can a model have two onehanded guns?
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Default Re: Just A Question

ya they could, its just two pistols. theres no rules against it.
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Default Re: Just A Question

It looks nice.. And I think that this is playable as having (One or two? ) Bolt pistols. I say this because you see, Seraphim A Sisters of Battle unit, are equipped with two bolt pistols which count as twin linked and are treated as being an additional close combat weapon in close combat.

However, I do not believe you get that same bonus as the Seraphim do, But hey I like it though it's very stylish 8)
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Default Re: Just A Question

It would be ust for looks.

Count the modle as having a bolt pistol and CC weapon.

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Default Re: Just A Question

Pretty much what Avor said. The model would count as having one bolt pistol and an additional close combat weaponas you can only fire one weapon at a time. Only the Seraphim of the Sisters of battle can use two pistols at the same time. Supposedly they have special training for this and so have special rules.
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Default Re: Just A Question

I liked my concepts and partial implementation of my "John Woo" marines. Dual bolt-guns, gun-kata poses...game-wise they're normal marines but it's the kinda thing that makes your opponent say, "Damn, I don't know if I want to shoot at something that cool."
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