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the craziest
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Default the craziest

what are the oddest and craziest move you ever seen a player make?
mine was a IG vs traitor IG.
the traitor drove his tank right up into the middle of one of the imperial squads and shoot but somehow 'forced' the other IG to nail it with ordanace the next turn, but the coolest thing was it exploded and killed 6 guard! although he could have killed the squad next, it was kinda cool.

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Default Re: the craziest

I made this move, end of the game and my 5 Inq. Storm troopers just happened to be in chargeing range of about six to eight Blood angels... So well, to show who had the bigger "Cohonies" I charged them, they killed me, I lose the game, not because of my charge but because of other VP things.. but you know.. I felt deep down, I won. Just for haveing the manliness blantant stupidity to charge space marines with normal people.
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Default Re: the craziest

Why do I get the feeling this is going to all show up in a TSOALR comic some day?

Conscript squad with Commisar into a Full strength marine squad. The Commisar was left by himself after two turns with no one to execute. He then failed his leadership check with eight marines left including a Sgt with power fist. The mental imagry does more than the actual play as a Commisar attempts to head for the hill only to be pummeled by marines.
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Default Re: the craziest

Not mine, but a friends:

Assaulting a Falcon with Gue'Vesa toting EMP grenades - achieving precisely genitals. Then, firing with a Shas'El Firekife - acheiving nothing, again, he jetpacked around and tried to use his Crisis to punch a hole in the rear armour :P.

Oh, and trying to outgun Tau with a Termagaunt squad is a memory I'll always cherish... I'll also cherish the image of a 300+ pound long-term player literally throwing the kid out of the door.
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Default Re: the craziest

I believe the most wildest thing ive done was, have a hormguant survive 4 turns in close combat aginst 3 powerfist toting sisters of battle and 4 regular ones. That hormguant was named model of the millenium.

The craziest move I have made was charging a death company squad with broadside squad. Funny thing is, the broadsides won....
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Default Re: the craziest

I'm not sure if this fits, but its amusing none the less.


I had just finished telling my opponent how fun Chaos Spawn where in my army, after finishing making and painting 8 of them, custom. I only used a few in that current game and was proud to set them down and start the game. I proceeded to then fail their leadership test for 4 consecutive turns, as they did nothing. The rule that caused that was their "Insanely Stupid" rule, which proved itself. Needless to say, my opponent agreed that they were indeed an awesome unit and laughed as he rolled his dice....


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Default Re: the craziest

I didn't do this but it happend in a game I was playing. My friend moved his powerfist totting commissar and squad to assult my chaos bikers, he then fired off his ordnance which ended scattering into his commissar and squad. It ended up killing every one but one guard and the commissar, who then failed the leadership test so he proceeded to shoot the last guard in the head before charging my bikers and getting killed in the first round of combat.

I don't know whether he was going to cry or laugh after that display.
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Default Re: the craziest

I'll spare the long verson, and just go to the quote.

"Dude, you just got charged by gaurdsmen..."
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Default Re: the craziest

Killing two Khorne berserkers in CC with GunDrones!!! Booyah!

The berserkers then proceeded to rip the rest of the drones apart. But it was still fun.
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Default Re: the craziest

And least we forget the gundrone that blew up a leman russ.
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