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Best Mech army
View Poll Results: What races do you think has the best mech army?
Tau 4 44.44%
Speed Freaks (Orks) 1 11.11%
Guard 1 11.11%
Marines 0 0%
Eldar (Both types) 3 33.33%
Voters: 9. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Best Mech army

Well hello all,
I have been wondering what the best Mech army is. I think it is Orks, but thats just me.
What do you all think?

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Default Re: Best Mech army

I think I hate this sort of topic... :

"Best" is a terrible term. There is no "best", only "best at". For example, if you want sheer numbers, then Orks are the "best". If you want raw, unholy firepower, then Guard are the "best". Looking for survivability? Well, Eldar have the speed to be "best", but Marines and their Land Raiders give the "best" protection for the troops inside.

Your "best" bet would be to think about your wording.
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Default Re: Best Mech army

I know in an earlier thread, I said the DF was better than the Wave Serpent.

But Mech Eldar rocks. Dropping down Fire Dragons right in front of the Termies (Because the Wave Serpent really is a fast transport) is good. Stopping the Transport in front something, then next turn unloading Howling Banshees is amazing.

... Wave Serpents might be the best vehicle in the game ...
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Default Re: Best Mech army

Yes, as Wargamer said 'which is best' is not a good way to word things. There really is no best as diffrent play styles and diffrent viewpoints will change the ranking. You will also note that 'which is best' posts and polls are banned on this form. Please read the sticikies next time.

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