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Force Organization
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Old 12 Jan 2006, 22:35   #1 (permalink)
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Default Force Organization

In the Rulebook it says that if an army is greater than 2000 pts, it can double its Force Organization, i.e. 12 troops
The Quesions
a) Does this mean that any 0-1 units become 0-2 units?
b) Do you need 4 troops choices and 2 HQ choices?
c) Does this mean that any +1-0 i.e Grey Hunters become +2-0?

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Default Re: Force Organization

I think that 0-1 means per organisation chart so I would have thought it becomes 0-2
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Default Re: Force Organization

A) I always thought 0-1 was per FO, seeing as how some armys could not have multiable FO otherwise. Such as IG's troop selections, which are 2-5. So yea, it adds onto each other.

B) WHen you combine FO for the above to be true then this would have to be true.

C)See above.
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Default Re: Force Organization

Can someone please describe in detail how multiple FOC's work? I really don't get it at all, it seems kinda weird to me.
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Default Re: Force Organization

Okay, long and short is when you get to the point where you would have huge armies you take what are basicly seperate small armies.

Slightly longer version is as follows.

Okay, so at +2000 points you get a second organization chart. What this means is that in addition to the first chart(2 HQ, 6 troops, 3 elite, 3 fast attack, 3 heavy) you can if you choose, use a second force chart to expand your choices so basicly have double the amount of slots(4 HQ, 12 troops, 6 elite, 6 fast attack, 6 heavy). Bascily it gives you more choices on how to organize your army in a large game.

Yes, the restrictions for certain types of units apply on a per force chart basis so a unit that would normally be limited to 1-0 would now be 2-0. Before you go off dancing with glee to make your ultimate force though I must tell you there is a catch. You still must fill the force charts minimum choice requirments of 1 HQ and 2 Troops before anything else goes on it unless it's a wamachine like a Baneblade. They get one all to themselves. Also I believe if a unit has other unit requirments or restriction you have to abide by them as well. (Eg, Assasins still need an Inquisitor on thier force chart in order to be feilded).

Not something that comes up often so some of that could be wrong and there could be additional things out there you ahve to abide by. Keep that in mind unless someone has acutal refernaces for this.
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Default Re: Force Organization

Oh I see, so basically you have 2 armies in one, eh? Thanks a lot for clarifying it for me.
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