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Looking for Lore
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Default Looking for Lore

Does any body have a link to a website that has all the warhammer 40K history in it? I mean all of the major stuff b/c I feel like I'm missing stuff when I here about the Black Library, which is a repositry for all the knowledge of the eldar and also has seveal misterious gaurdians and I believe has a prophecy in it that will be a major part of a campaign in which the fait of the imperium will be decided? also I here about hive fleet behemoth, but what about the hive fleets before that with stuff like the classic "screamer" carnifex, was that series of models the original hive fleet before the ultramarines broke its back, and the current hive fleet behemoth (the models that we had before they revamped the tyranids) are what the splinters of behemoth became? I would really like some website that contained all the lore in it b/c games works shop does'nt and I don't think they got a book on it... do I just have to buy every single dang white dwarf and codex not to mention the past rule books to get this info?
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Default Re: Looking for Lore

Probably not what you're looking for, but there is a 40k timeline: http://www.criticalhit.co.uk/compone...per/Itemid,55/

But what you're looking for - is more or less under copyright by GW - so the only place you'll find it is from GW themselves.
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Default Re: Looking for Lore

not strictly true.

i know of one site with a vast amount of 40k fluff.
I also have the fluff bible (with virtually the full amount of 40k fluff that exists!) ;D

I'll PM the site as i got in trouble last time i posted it.
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