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Closed Thread
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Kroot Warrior
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Default mods

how did wargamer become a mod? ive noticed that he critisizes anyone who brings up a new idea or anything tau
wargamer should not be here
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Default Re: mods

Originally Posted by hart
how did wargamer become a mod? ive noticed that he critisizes anyone who brings up a new idea or anything tau
Im not sure, but a visit to Eldar boards might give you a good hunch.
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Default Re: mods

well, long long ago,[transmission lost]
yes, that is me in the pic.
this be the awesome sig that kais made me...

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Default Re: mods

Because of posts like this:




and this:


Because he knows more about 40K than most members on TO. Because he can and does give good advice on house rules, fluff and the armies he plays etc.

Finding faults with things, saying why they are wrong etc is actually part of being a mod.

Thread locked
Brunettes and Beer.
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Closed Thread


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