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Imperial Grots
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Default Imperial Grots

When doing my Orks, I bought loda sof old Gretcin off eBay - and thus realised I have a "Revolting Grots" army (I believe also that tere is some fluff way back about Grots in revolt). I reasoned that Grots would use machinery to make up for lack of strength - Kans, Gunz, n Trakks - n looted stuff of course. Da Big Grot is a Cybork with a Grot Banna. The 2 essential troop elements are Ork Trukk boyz, with mercenary Orks fightin' for Teef. There is no Slaver per se, but ther is a Grotcaptain.

As I was painting my 3rd unit of 20 Grots, I looked at the little buggers and thought...hmm...pickelhaube, uniform, gun looks like a lasgun (sort of) etc and so my next army became clear -

Imperial Grots!

If they can bodge Yoomie stuff they'd easily operate Imperial stuff, a clever Grot may work out that Structure, Discipline, Organisation and Lots of Big Tanks n' Gunz is the way for Grotdom to find freedom...after all, those soft pinky yoomans have done it. So, Orkify some IG stuff and field Imperial Grots...Instant Grottification.....thoughts all?
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Default Re: Imperial Grots

Well that would certainly be an interesting army to play. Shooting you would be a pain, little shorties, but it would deffinetly be umm... unique. Good idea, humor is always good.

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Default Re: Imperial Grots

I, personally, would love to see a grotted sentinal.

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Default Re: Imperial Grots

if you look at the Orkamedes gargant big mob list for epic there is mention of 'grotnaughts' larger dreads made by grot oilers from parts scavenged from a mek's workshop it is bigger and 'arder than a dread or killa kan and piloted by a grot.

haven't got round to makin one yet - money and my gargant got in the way
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