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How does Armor Piercing [AP] Work?(7th)
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Question How does Armor Piercing [AP] Work?(7th)

So I'm trying to decide on weapons and am new and dumbfounded on how the weapons work even after reading codex and rule book side-by-side.
So essentially I'm deciding between the Tau crisis suit Burst Cannon and Fusion Blaster. Now by the book stats are

Burst Cannon:RNG-18, S-5, AP-5, Assault:4
Fusion Blaster:RNG-18, S-8, AP-1, Assault:1, Melta

Rulebook states that AP is = then you get a "Glancing Hit," and if its > Armor value then you get a "Penetration Shot", But is earlier said that if you get = or < AS than you successfully do an AP shot. So how do you do a lower and higher at the same time it doesn't make sense not only that by how I understand how AP works the burst cannons AP/5 should mean that you have to roll a 5 or 6 to get AP or what? Also AP/1 means you roll a 1 or higher to get success, and how does that work vs AS like does an AP/1 always break a AS and AP/5 has to get = 5 or > 5?
I'm really not understanding it, so some help would be awesome thanks guys, by the way I'm brand new so tis why it may not make sense to the vets.
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