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Castles an Online Strategy RPG
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Default Castles an Online Strategy RPG


Castles is a Strategy game where Kingdoms fight to take control of the Map which this time around is Lancaster. Players design their own kingdom (write its Story, Choose its Kingdom Type rules, Design its Units) so players have lots of options to set their Kingdom apart from the rest and free reign over their own Kingdoms fluff. The game is close to Axis and Allies and Risk in that it is a territory grab board game, Every territory is worth RP and RP buys Units and Special Units. There is 6 Special units the first a Scout which can steal from kingdoms and spy on there Units, Mages can choose a powerful spell to cast each turn to aid their Kingdom or hurt enemy Kingdoms, Priests mitigate your loses and ensure that those who die do so not in vain, Siege weapons which barrage the enemy before a fight, Boats which allow Sea movement and the capturing of Fishing Resources, and Flyers which can be used to fly across territories giving you the ability to attack the unguarded. There is great deal of political intrigue and exchange between Kingdoms, players can create a Public Alliance to strengthen one another or announce a Public Enemy to give themselves a bonus against their most hated foe.

All in All its a fun game that takes about 60 minutes to 120 minutes of actual involvement a week to post orders and talk to allies as each Turn takes 1 week to complete.If you want to join just register don't worry about reading the rules just yet as you will have time to do so before the game starts. I am Voltek on the site pm me for help if you need it. To Register please follow this link


Thanks for reading and enjoy Castles, (or not if you think its lame lol )

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Registration will end on 5/2/14 so please sign up before that if you want to play, there will be openings to jump in during the game for players who are to late, but that is subject to how many players we have.


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