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What do you guys think of this idea for a Tau Force
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Default What do you guys think of this idea for a Tau Force

Hey guys so I normally play a fluffy Night Lords chaos space marine army however for the tale of gamers campaign which one of my friends is doing I have decided that I want to do Tau as they are a force ive never done before and I think would offer me a different style of play from my Night Lords and Grey Knights.
Tau: Have got some fluff for this force. Basically they are from this unamed world (so far) and basically their planet got attacked by a combined force of Nids Daemons and Chaos Marines. They managed to survive but however lost most of their etherealls commanders and suits (including riptides as such) It was only thanks to the aid of the Eldar Craftworld Xihenyan that they managed to survive at all as such while they have managed to rebuild most of their world and forces they are restricited in access to certain things (namely kroot riptides stealth suits battle suits fliers broad sides and hammer heads) As such this force would be led by a Cadre Fireblade and would feature alot of fire warriors and path finders.
So what do you think of my idea Paint Scheme wise im thinking Kantor Blue Armour Red Shoulder Pads and im thinking Caledor Sky for the guns
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The story is cool, but with Fire Warriors and pathfinders acting as the bulk of your force, you're going to really struggle in the actual playing portion of ToTG. I strongly recommend that if you take this route for a backstory then you should at least put in a few really battered looking 'workhorse' units like some elites and heavy support.
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