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Grand Alliance codex (custom)
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Grand Alliance codex (custom)

As the close of the 42nd millenium neared, some realized that with new threats constantly appearing around every corner, with a looming tyranid invasion and chaos spreading through the entire galaxy, the sapients of the galaxy needed to unite if peace was to be had.

Army wide special rules:
Only one copy of each unit can be played.
Supporting fire: a unit with this rule withing 6 inches of a model from this codex being charged can choose to use supporting fire against the charging unit

Up to 3/4ths of the army may start out in reserve.

A player playing "the grand alliance" may choose to activate night fighting special rules for the duration of a turn at the beginning of that turn once per game.

Reasonable Marines
Imperial guard

Vehicle Systems
15 pts Disruption pod: +1 to cover save. May only be taken by flyers, skimmers, walkers, and fast skimmers.

15 pts Quick-Response Thrusters: Vehicle may move 6 inches when a charge is declared against it. If it does so, the vehicle can only fire snap shots next turn. May only be taken by skimmers, fast skimmers., and flyers.

25 pts Heads up display: vehicle can fire overwatch at BS 2 with one weapon and gains the supporting fire special rule. Cannot be used in conjunction with Quick-Response Thrusters.

10 pts Stability Upgrade: "Explodes" results count as "Immobilized" results.

10 pts Auto-repair function: when a vehicle suffers a "Weapon Destroyed" or "Immobilized" result, roll a d6. On a roll of 5+ that result is negated, and the vehicle suffers a "Crew Stunned" result instead.

Support Systems
All "built in" support systems are free.
Multiple copies may be taken of "Stackable"Support Systems

10pts Target Lock: one weapon on the model may be fired at a different target that the rest of the model's unit. Stackable.

20pts Multitracker: During the shooting phase, an additional weapon may be fired by the model.

10 pts Velocity Tracker: At the beginning of each turn, the model may choose to gain the skyfire rule for the rest of the turn.

15 pts Weapon Stabilization System: once per turn, a weapon that would be fired by the kodel as a snap shot may be fired at full ballistick skill. This support system may not be used when the model targets a flyer. Stackable.

5 pts Advanced Blacksun Filter: Model gains Night Vision. Any model targeted by this model recieves -1 to it's cover save to shooting attacks made by this model.


Faction rule: Each unit may take one bonding knife, for the same cost as the amount of models in that unit.
Bonding knife: unit always takes leadership tests at their unmodified leadership.

Jetpack Infantry (char)
Commander 100 points
Stats Identical to codex
Armament: Networked Markerlight, Heavy Bolter
+10 points to switch Heavy Bolter to Lascannon
May take up to two choices from SUPPORT SYSTEMS list.
Comes with built in Advanced Blacksun Filter and Multitracker
Special Rules:
Supporting Fire
Independent Charachter
Very Bulky

Jetpack Infantry
Stealth Team 111points
Unit composition 3 Stealth Suits
Stats identical to codex
Armament: Heavy Bolter
+10 pts/model up to 2 models may change their heavy bolters for lascannons
All models may choose to take a single, identical item from the SUPPORT SYSTEMS list.
Comes with Advanced Blacksun Filter and Multitracker. Stealth armor confers Shrouded and Stealth.
+34 pts/model to add up to three stealth suits to the Stealth Team.
+44 points a stealth shas'ui may be added to the team (+1 attack, +1 leadership)
Special Rules:
Supporting Fire
Very Bulky

Fire Warrior
Identical to codex warriors
May not take drones

Fast Attack
Identical to codex pathfinders
May take pathfinder-unique drones.

Heavy support
140 pts
Identical to codex hammerhead except
May take one SUPPORT SYSTEM and up to two VEHICLE SYSTEMS.
Built in Advanced Blacksun Filter and Multitracker.
Cannot take the "longstrike" upgrade.

Note that most of the factions will be switching their weaponry for imperial weaponry, and support systems for tau and custom support systems and vehicle systems. Each faction will recieve one unit for each slot of the FOC, and I intend to include two different flyers. Abilities that were previously own species only are now able to affect the entire army (such as supporting fire, not everyone will get it, but everyone can benifit from it. Same goes for markerlights.)
I apologize for not posting stats and occasionally giving no information for units, but I don't want to infringe on copyright, and it's redundant to post the information if you have it yourselves.
Also, most of these units tend to be higher priced than their codex equivalent. The justification for this is that numbers are still few, so each unit is equipped with more elite weapons and support systems. Tau support systems are used because they're superior to everything except eldar systems, and the tau know hot to actually build their systems. Imperial weaponry is used because it's so common.
You'll notice that most "custom" support systems seem like ripoff tau systems, and that's because they are- with more species in development, better support systems are able to be created, but each vehicle can only take so many support systems because the newer support and vehicle systems, while better, tend to be larger and take more space and energy, which necessitates a cap on how many can be taken.

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