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WYSIWYG Question
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Default WYSIWYG Question

Hello! I'm new to WH40k and I'm just finishing up my Tau army.
I plan on converting a regular Xv8 battlesuit into a commander.
I planned on putting the top part of a tyranid warrior's head pice
On one of the arms and sculpting some wires or something coming out
Of it to replace the normal shield generator. Also I planned on having him
Hold a hive tyrant's bone sword in one of his hands, sort of like a trophy.

So my question is do I have to add the armor save from the head, and the ap from the bone sword?
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only if you want to, or they can just be decrative, it all depends on how striked your local meta is.
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They'd be decorative. You could make a house rule to give your commander some cool stuff in game, but in the average game as long as you can justify the conversion into existing Tau weapons and armour no one will hold it against you.
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If you go into your LGS, you probably would have to consider the parts as decorative. If you are running a tourney or something like that where you are using house rules, then im sure using the sword could be 'backstoried' in.
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