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new tau army
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Default new tau army

I am new to 40k looking at making a 2000 point army where should i start
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The battleforce is always a good place to start, especially if you are looking to grow your force. It's the best deal for the money.

I didn't buy one to start (I bought the megaforce... wish I'd bought 2...), but at some point in my expanding Tau army I picked one up just because it's a good way to get a wide variety of stuff.

If your eventual goal is 2000 points, you couldn't go too wrong picking up two of them; which would get you 6 crisis suits, 6 stealth suits, 24 fire warriors, and 2 piranhas (enough for a very comfortable 1000 point army).

After that you need to start thinking about what you want your Tau army to play like. Do you want to run a stationary gun line, in which case an aegis/skyshield, some broadsides, skyrays, and sniper teams, along with some more static HQ choices (on foot) like the fire blade or ethereal. Or maybe more mobile, in which case you want to invest in devilfish, sharks, hammerheads, more jump units, and a jump commander (shadowsun is my favourite). Or maybe a mix of both? You also need to think about light support. Markerlights are a big part of Tau now... and they are risky because they are fragile... so how many, and what type, are things to ask yourself. I personally like marker drones with an attached Shas'O supported by a team of sniper drone spotters.
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My advise is start slow 2000pts will put a good dent in your wallet two battleforce boxes is a good start. as you get a good mix of units. when I started I bought two battleforce boxes, and a skyray/hammerhead tank. there are a few play style out here. so think what you want to do as Carrelio said. I am working on a few list right now from a moble tau list to gunline tau list and a hybrid tau list. I been experimenting with a few builds and so far I had the most luck with a gunline list. start small then work up from there.
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