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Ethical issue
View Poll Results: Is it acceptable to model imperial guard after WW2 Germans?
No, It is NOT acceptable. 1 20.00%
Yes, it IS acceptable 4 80.00%
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Exclamation Ethical issue

Me and my brother got some imperial guard, and want to model them after the German afrika korps in World War Two. We have some decals with the iron cross from old German model airplanes that we want to put on our tanks, and use conversions to make them look almost identical to German soldiers in the time. I was wondering, would you find this offensive or do you think people would? It might be a touchy issue.. I just wanted to hear some opinions before I went for it. I think it would look extremely cool.
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It's a risk. You are doing better with an iron cross than a swastika, and the iron cross is already and established symbol in 40K lore (Symbol of the Black Templar), however, when you start imitating real world conflict in your miniatures you get in to some morally grey areas where overly sensitive people will be offended (often not because it offends them, but because they are offended that you have decided to do something that is offensive to others, which they find offensive on behalf of those other people who are not around to be offended by it). Were it me, I'd avoid the identifiable links between my 40K army and the nazis.
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