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Default Campaigns?

Does anyone know of any good campaigns? Be it map or ladder or anything my current gaming group are playing a simple pyramid campaing but it is quite boring and I was hoping to spice things up by running a campain. Does anyone have any good ones?
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Default Re: Campaigns?

Vogen is an awesome one to do, it uses cutyfight rules and it really does rock.
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Default Re: Campaigns?

Do you have a link?
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Default Re: Campaigns?

It's in the current edition of the rule book - page 235.

I've never played that one but I have played the Battle for Phoenix Island campaign - also in the rule book on page 250 and that's extremely good.
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Default Re: Campaigns?

Just to add to this...anyone have some good rules for a map-based campaign (was thinking of using 2" hexes to build a map with) that could be used?
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Default Re: Campaigns?

My hobby store runs campaigns often and they use a simple piece of graphing paper. Each squar is a quadrant. The lines are not drawn until the patrol games are done. Every few weeks the points of battles increase up to 1500 then ending in a 750pt each mega battle.

On the map are squars filled in with I symbols for inquisitional fortresses and x for listening posts as well as other marks for star ports. Once the patrol missions are over the line is drawn, depending on how many battles were won forms up the line. If the Tau won 2 engagements and the opponents facing them won 1 then the Tau would be forward a single squar down their front 4 squars wide. Farter down the line if say a space wolf force beat an Eldar one 3 times in patrol and the Eldar won 0 then the space wolves will have a 3 squar deep, 4 wide line forward into the Allied areas.

The larger the points the more squars taken. My last fight gained me 9 squars forward towards another star port. In the 1000 pt fights it was 4 squars in any shape, punching out your line in whatever way.

Its a cool way to run a campaign because after a few weeks the battle lines look cool and strange. The more strong points you take the better your position. If say a Daemonhunter force got in range to attack a strong poing my Tau control I would have to be the defender in a hold at all costes or secure and control or something like that. If I was attacking an enemy strong point than I would be the attacker. If Somehow the enemy has a chance to cut off my lines I have to fight a breakout, etc, etc. You get the idea. If say in another battle a Tau army got the stuffing knocked out of it and had to run I might have to play a hostage mission to rescue an etherial or fio scientist stranded from the last retreat.

You get the idea, its a good way to make up your own campaigns and it is very cool. My current line in the campaign at my hobby store is very funny as my cadre has simply smashed its way very far forward blasting apart any and all resistance with a gue'vesa IG army keeping good pace to the left flank and a pestersome chaos army on the right that is fighting all sides.

I would greatly suggest this over any already laid or ladder based campaign as it adds cool fluff elements and a greater level of tactics.

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Default Re: Campaigns?

A couple months ago we played the Eldritch Storm campaign. It was an eight-weeker and a whole mess of fun. It used a whole sector of space as a map, and there are different types of planets like agri-worlds, forge worlds, mercenary worlds, fortress worlds and the like. The basis of the story is that a sector has been cut off by warp storms and the only way to travel is by the long forgotten Webway gates. So the Eldar come in and try to take em back or destroy them. One guy came up with special rules for each of the races like chaos corruption, tau offering "freedom" to the inhabitants of the planets they capture, Inquisition has exterminatus(if three imperial players spend campaign points), and other neat little things. It was very much fun and I think it can be found on the Australian website.
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