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Come join us at Animosity!
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Default Come join us at Animosity!

An Introduction to Animosity…

Victory and defeat are a matter of definition.

- from the Axioms of War, Tactica Imperialis

Animosity Events aim to bring together the Warhammer 40,000 gaming community for exciting, narrative based gaming events. The objectives of Animosity Events is to allow players to play in non-competitive story driven encounters, in which the power of the narrative is more important than the power of the army build. Gamers with all levels of experience are welcome to join us at the events, and we hope that all players that attend can enjoy the campaigns. Whilst there are obvious elements of winning and losing, we are not running tournaments, we hope that players will play the miniatures they want to use because they want to use them, not because they want to win. Some of our most memorable moments in war-gaming have been mid-annihilation, when a standalone hero dies hard and makes that game, the game in which we took a beating, more memorable than any of our victories. Sportsmanship is preferable to gamesmanship, and whether winning or losing please remember, even in defeat, at a narrative campaign your story is not over and from the jaws of defeat you can snatch the cake of victory!

I’d like to thank the Ulfhedin and the Tempus Fugitives for the inspirational events they run and hope that Animosity Events can capture the spirit of those events as well as the joy they have engendered in all those who have ever experienced them.

The Venerable Dread aka geordie09 aka Scott

We're extending an invitation to gamers from across the region and the UK to join us for some action in the 41st Millennium. The plan is simple. Hopefully we'll have 30+ people (the more the better) who would like to attend the campaign weekends with us. We hope to make the weekend something for gamers to remember, and enjoy (hopefully). What we don't want to do is host a tournament. So if you would like to attend please come with an open mind and bear in mind that your opponents want to have a good time at a narrative campaign. If they wanted to go to a tournament and play in uber-competative mode, they would.

If you would like to attend the events feel free to email Scott at venerabledread@hotmail.co.uk or the VoxNet Team on VoxNetRadio@me.com

Important stuff... It will cost £20 each to attend. This covers the buffet and a prize pot fund which will go towards the competitions. They have a bar at the site, with this in mind we would appreciate that anybody under the legal age for alcohol refrains from drinking as we won't be held responsible. Also, any participants under the age of 16 should be accompanied to the event by an adult (somebody over 21). The adult can be another participant in the campaign weekend as long as they know you and will take responsibility for your youthful exuberance... you're not our kids!

See you at the gaming tables,


Animosity - In the Discordia System (15th+16th December 2012) – Tickets still available! Event is being held in Mansfield

Animosity - In the Age of the Emperor (30th+31st March 2013)

Animosity - In the Novacastrian Hegemony (27th+28th July 2013)

Animosty - In the Heart of the Harbinger (9th+10th November 2013)

Scott and the VoxNet team
VoxNet Radio

Keeping the imperium informed

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