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views on army lists
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Default views on army lists

just as the name says, someone posts an army list and people comment on them, I'll start it off with my IG list (also on the IG sample lists topic)


Restricted Troops

storm troopers



ratling squad

Alternate Regimental Organisation

grenadiers - take 0-3 storm troopers as Troop

i thought i should start with my doctrine choices. I'm obsessed with infantry and when i saw i could use the best infantry as troops (grenadiers) i had to take it, the psyker is just there for some random fun lol, the ratlings are there for supproting fire (infiltrate them into cover and let them do there job, 'cause they will), and the techpriest mostly for counter charges and the basilisk.


Command squad-390
junior officer
honorifica imperialls
power fist



plasma gun


storm bolter
power weapon


sentinel squad-170
2 autocannon
1 lascannon
1 armoured crew compartment

the HQ looks big bit it ain't. the sentinels will go on the opposite flank to the other squad backed by storm trooper squad V, the sentinel armed with a lascannon has an armoured compartment whilst the other 2 are there for a cheap anti-infantry/light tank option. the command squad will stay in cover near the basilisk picking off smal damagedl units heading towards them (quite simple really).


Ratling squad-110

heavy bolter servitor
2 technical servitors

storm trooper squad I-134
veteran sergeant
power weapon

plasma gun
grenade launcher

Ah, elites, my favourate squad type. the ratlings infiltrate into cover where they can see as much as possible but stay out of jungle, it is tempting but you can lose a good range of targets (i've done it before, i think it lost me the match). the techpriest will stay with the basilisk just in case you face an anti tank army, his gun servitor allows some good supporting fire power, and the techpriest can support in nearby combat. the storm troopers will be for fire power but if needed the sergeant's power weapon is their for combat.


storm trooper squad V-113
grenade launcher

storm trooper squad VII-115
plasma gun

storm trooper squad VIII-115

squad V is there to support the HQ sentinels on one flank, on the other the FA sentinels are supported by either squad VII if your opponent focuses on a fast flank attack with infantry or bikes (the plasma gun can pick them off at a longer range) or squad VIII if your opponent sends a heavy armoured unit (terminaters, deamons) or tanks to out flank you. the squad that is left can be used as u see fit (i usually have squad VII free as a static squad).

Fast Attack

smoke launchers

sentinel squad-195
3 armoured crew compartment
3 autocannon

the hellhound is a really interesting tank, i use it as a diversion to take out infantry units and lure heavy weapons away from my basilisk and sentinels (even if only for one turn). the sentinels are armed with autocannons (my favourate weapon) they are god at taking out infantry and light tanks that try to out flank you (even marines will find it problem).

Heavy Support


the basilisk has direct fire (i hate the min range on indirect), the earth shaker is a wonderful weapon as it can take out mass of infantry and all tanks, this is the most important part of the army as it can sway the battle in your favour so easily due to its devastating power.

thought i would also explain my basic PoA.
Infiltrate! annihilate! (the way of the tau stealth team)
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Default Re: views on army lists

We have army boards for this...

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