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Why do Black Templars have to be the next new Codex?
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Default Why do Black Templars have to be the next new Codex?


hmph! why DO the Marines get a second shot at a revamped Codex already? i mean there are 2 core races (Orks/ Eldar) that are really at the heart of the game, and need revamping first!! add to that the newcomers (not as worthy, because they are pretty recent): IG/Necron/Tau... as i see them, should get billing above any sub-section of one of the first races...

while i admit some bias on wanting a Tau codex ASAP, i really think it should go on a kind of seniority order, dont you? major races before sub-chapters/sects.

it just seems so unfair: follow me on this: ok Marines got a killer new Codex.. loads of new tricks/customizeability... theyre REALLY nasty now! Ork players grumble and wait for THEIR Codex, bearing it until the tables are evened.. but NOOOOoooo! Marines get a SECOND codex! now theres even MORE new Marine kit out there, even MORE awesome!!! Orks still wait... due date?? "to be determined"?? >
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Default Re: Why do Black Templars have to be the next new Codex?

I agree with you. SMurfs are their biggest cash cow, but isn't 5 big cash cows better than one? Everyone at my school wants to start Tau after I was the first to do so. There is ONE Space Marine player at my school, 2 Necron players, 2 Tau players (including me), and like 3 future Tau players. Heck, even my local hobby shop owner's main army is Tau. They should give the Tau an uber codex like they gave the Tyranids and Space Marines instead of revamping chapters. Why they couldn't just put them in the Space Marine codex and increase its price to $25 is beyond me. Orks, Eldar and Tau should get codexes before Black Templar.

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Default Re: Why do Black Templars have to be the next new Codex?

OKay, first off: GW SAID THE BT, DA, SW AND BA WERE GETTING STAND ALONE CODEX WHEN THEY RELEASED THE MARINE ONE. This has been said so many times now I am not going to repeat it again. It has been said many times in many places all over the board, especially in the Rumours section. It has also been said that they will be going on a rotational basiss, one Imperium relaease for one Xeno release. I will point out the search function works beyond each individual board. Use it in future.

Two, there is already a thread discussing marines on this board, if you feel the need to post on this subject, post there.

That said this thread is locked.
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