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What if....
Old 07 Feb 2011, 05:19   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default What if....

I was just wondering what would happen if the W40k races did what us normal people did, like, say, a Khorne Berzerker advertising "Khorneflakes" (DID U C WAT I DID THARR?) or an Ork serving WAAAAGHffles! (DID U C WAT I DID AGEN?). If possible, try doing it in this format

Person1: ASDFGHJ
*Person1 starts teabagging Person2*

I'd love to hear your stories!
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Kroot Shaper
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Oh noes I posted in wrong topic (facepalm)
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how about this...

your sitting in your space cruiser entering warp space and you feel like a bit of TV, you pick up the remote and turn on the telly. Suddenly an advert zooms on with big letters saying:
"Nurgle slime shampoo!"
Then a person is shown holding the nurgle slime shampoo and he puts it on his head, while a cheesy voice says: "nurgle slime shampoo, its so strong that you'll feel it working inseconds"
their is a hissing sound and the man's hair starts to melt (nurgle slime is acid) and falls off. the cheesy voice then says: "you'll never need to wash your hair again! because it will be gone!"
the nurgle slime burns to deep and kills the man.
Advert ends
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Kroot Shaper
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I imagine there could some pretty funny Tau ads about the greater good, mimicking political campaign ads. "This ad was approved by the Ethereal Caste" or something to that effect.
"I do not fear death. Death fears ME!"

-Shas'O Sa'cea Dre'koran Ta'ar, replying to the Ultramarines ultimatum prior to the annihilation of the Tau colony on Nimbosa.
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Yes there were a lot of noble peacekeepers sent by the Imperium to the Damocles Gulf to help the indigenous people adapt to the new and progressive notions of Imperial leadership.
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