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new army?
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Originally Posted by Anapparentlybrassdeamon View Post
A highly doubt that GW even has the capability of integrating a new army into the 40K universe. How would an entirely new army fit into the background of 40k that has already been established.

In order for a new army to be introduced effectivley GW would have to make an event as cataclysmic as the storm of chaos happen in the 40k universe(s)

It seems largely improbable,
They dwelled on planet blu for 5 days ( or one school week) and have multiplied to three warriors and their captain. They have decided to take over the galaxy (because everyone else is doing it so why not) and rushed into battle, whilst doing this, their captain, Hava Goodtyme, decided to leaveto his private yacht on planet 4489231. What will happen,we don't know. What we do know is that these guys are F***ing idiots

Excerpt from page one of psycho psykers codex.
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I would imagine they're thinking about it, but I would hate to see them go through with it.
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