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Tau Battlesuit Commander R’alai Experimental Rules out!
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Default Tau Battlesuit Commander R’alai Experimental Rules out!



What are your opinions?
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Default Re: Tau Battlesuit Commander R’alai Experimental Rules out!

Stat-line: Nothing impresive overall, mostly a generic shas'o, though the toughness and initiative increase is a nice change.

XV-9: not bad, though wish it had the option to take iridium armor.
Pulse Submunition Rifle: (See below)
Vectored Retro Thrusters: Blah, it relies on him surviving close combat to utilize and you loose the marker drones if you manage to not be stuck in close combat.
Blacksun filter: OK, its a blacksun filter; not much else to say.
Drone controller and Drones: Good support addition
Eclipse Sheild Generator: The one piece of gear that I think is absolutely awesome.

Pulse Submunition Rifle-
Basic Attack: it is a modified version of the AFP. Would have prefered it be this-
Range 24", Str5 Ap4, Assault 1, Large Blast, No cover save (basically a heavy flammer at range)
EMP Shell: I like it overall. However, it should be either Assault 1d3 "gets hot!" or Rapid Fire without "gets hot!".
Hyper-Density Sabot: Not so fond of this; it is like Rail-tech and Plasma-tech had a mutant baby that managed to get dads penetration and moms strength+3, but a really nasty temper in the process. If it was AP 2 I would be a bigger fan, since it could ignore FNP and take on heavey infantry effectively.
Ionic Cluster-Beam Shell: Its OK and I would keep it as is except it should be Ordanance instead of large blast.

Special Rules:
Stalwart Commnader: Not bad, but not great. I can see its uses.
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