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Battle for Skull Pass - Getting "Destroyed"
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Default Re: Battle for Skull Pass - Getting "Destroyed"

Originally Posted by laxlover_bill369
If they destroy them then they can claim a loss in revenue and claim it on their TAXes it is a common practice with toys r us, target, and walmart.
I think this is dumb as a business practice and is by no means socially optimal. Why not have a sale or give them away for free to reduce tax benefit I think would be better for society. Put in a tax break for free out of production models that are given away it is socially optimal and not a loss in revenue.

Or it would be cool to make them into a store army and having a tax break for that would be cool but runs into the storage problem.

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Default Re: Battle for Skull Pass - Getting "Destroyed"

Worked at a seed company once. We had several TONS of squash seeds that were 10 years old. I spent hours trying to figure out what we could do with them.

No matter how we sold them, we would lose money on them. Trying to sell them would involve spending MORE money in advertising or packaging. It was cheaper just to dump them in a compost heap.

With regard to the boxed set, GW probably doesn't want them being sold after a certain date and are prohibiting their partners from doing so. As several others have pointed out, the dealers may strip the boxed set down and sell the parts on e-bay, but they might really just dump them in the trash, since selling on ebay costs money and time, too.
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Default Re: Battle for Skull Pass - Getting "Destroyed"

Hehe, i wonder if I can convince the manager of my LGS to....

Honestly, this is stupid. Anyone remember what they did when 40k got an update? of last time Fantasy got an update? I highly doupt they "Destroyed" any remaining kits. they would either discontinue re-stocking them and then once they're all sold they'll start stocking the new box, or they'll keep any remaining box up in storage.

My guess is with the former, as it what they do with army specific kits which are getting updates.
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