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two years and counting...
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Default two years and counting...

This past week I had a very long discussion with some of my mini-game buddies about GW and their current situation of an appart down-ward spiral. I expresssed my feeling that GW simply was stretching itself to thin and sice it dropped things lik BFG it should simply drop LOTR since it is doing so abysmal. Then I was told that they couldn't because GW is contractually locked into supporting LOTR for another two years (2011). We concluded though that once GW is able to dropp LOTR like a Firewarrior in close combat, that both Fantasy and 40k will get the development boost and focus they need.
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Default Re: two years and counting...

OK, while I can agree that LoTR has been kind of a drain for the past few years, it should be noted that the boost in sales GW received from LoTR when the movies were out was huge. This money led to heavy investments in mold technology which has in turn led to massive achievements in what GW can produce with plastic molds.

That said, I'm not sure what point you're trying to make other than you wanting GW to no longer carry LoTR(which I can agree with.) However, this is neither News or Rumors and while I would move this to another board, I'm not sure it merits further discussion since as much as people might want to rant about it, it won't change the fact GW is going to produce LoTR for the next several years. I just can't see this thread being at all productive if moved elsewhere.

Thread locked.
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