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Price rise worse that we thought!
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Old 30 Sep 2008, 20:22   #1 (permalink)
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Default Price rise worse that we thought!

God damn it! All the codices have gone up!


The standard codex is now 15 with the new SM one at 18!
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Default Re: Price rise worse that we thought!

$25 and $30 here in the US.
I like how their reason was because plastic was more expensive, yet they jacked-up all the book prices... this was after they just raised them from $20 to $22

Also the ancient DE book that used to be $15 is now $20.

TGFeBay (and the fact that I only need the new SM book to complete the set.)
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Default Re: Price rise worse that we thought!

Sadly, prices going down in times of economic trouble is something we'll never see. Because of devalued currencies, prices must go up to reflect the rate of inflation. This happens everywhere, in a worst case scenario, look at how in one point in Germany's history, where they would carry around wheelbarrows of money to buy things like a loaf of bread. Prices will never go down during hard times.
GW mentioned that the price rise would include the books anyway, and it is to reflect the larger amount of work and pages put into them. The new SM codex is much more heftier than the old one.
I suppose it could also be done to combat the losses made by online codex theft, but honestly, how many people walk into stores with 126 black and white pages of a codex and expect to be taken seriously?
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Default Re: Price rise worse that we thought!

The majority of Codex's were 15 anyway, everyone is also aware that the new Space Marine Codex is 18 which is within good reason as it is the biggest and best quality Codex produced to date. People were also aware of price rises/falls. This hasn't been mentioned on Warseer and the link you provided is just the GW Online Store Homepage so from that I assume that this is a "dud" bit of news. Guess I'll lock this one up, no harm done.

Locked - Anton.
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