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(Important!) News and Rumours - Board Rules
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Default (Important!) News and Rumours - Board Rules


I would like to take the time to say welcome all to the Games Workshop News and Rumours board! As the Moderator of the News and Rumours board it is my duty to ensure that all discussion is relevant, sensible and most importantly does not infringe Games Workshops Intellectual Privacy Policy. The Games Workshop News and Rumours board is very different to the army boards, new, exciting and revolutionary rumours are discussed and contemplated on this board to prevent the army boards being drowned in a torrent of rumour related topics.

The reason why I've set up separate board rules for the News and Rumours board is simply because it so different from the regular army boards that I need to "fill in the gaps" as so to speak, about how things work here and how you can discuss and share with us news and rumours in regards to Games Workshop. I'm not doing this to "bully" or "force" people to discuss what I only think is appropriate to discuss, that's not who I am as a person and I don't expend countless hours of my free time taking enjoyment in restricting others discussions, however rules are needed to maintain order and more importantly to allow you to discuss news and rumours in a friendly, orderly environment.

Below are detailed guidelines on how things work in the news and rumours board, nothing is set in stone and you do not have to follow these instructions to the letter, however what I expect is that people recognize and respect these guidelines, they aren't designed to make your life harder or restrict discussions, they are designed to maintain order and keep everyone happy.


General Posting Quality and Member Behaviour:
  • As expected, all members are to abide by the Forum Rules that encompass the entire Forum.
  • An excellent quality of spelling and grammar is expected of all members, discussions can be ruined by indecipherable posts.
  • Swearing, foul language, racist remarks and insulting remarks are not permitted in the Forum, and most certainly not in this Board. Children and minors can access this Forum, the Moderators, Global Moderators and Administrators could be held responsible for inappropriate behaviour that is witnessed by a child or minor.
  • All members are expected to treat each other and their opinions with respect, we understand that there can be differences of opinion and that people can be wrong, however treating other members with insulting remarks or disrespect will not be tolerated.
  • If you are warned or informed of inappropriate behaviour by a Moderator, you are expected to respect that Moderator's decision and cooperate fully to reslove the situation as calmly as possible. However failure to cooperate with a Moderator or treating them with disrespect will only make the situation worse and will result in more severe consequences. We understand that you have the right to question a Moderator's decision, however if the boundary between reasonable questioning and outright personal attacks is crossed you effectively forfeit your argument and bring unto yourself severe consequences.

Advice on how to avoid a 'direct conflict' or 'flame war' when posting:
  • Remain calm and levelheaded throughout your discussion of rumours, check and double check again your post by using the "preview" button, read your post out aloud to ensure that you are making sense, and that misinterpretations can be avoided.
  • Remember that posting in an actual Forum is vastly different to a chatroom or Windows Live (MSN.) Take your time and do not hurry your posts.
  • If you cannot contain your anger at another members comments or opinions, do not reply or make a counter comment, leave your computer for ten minutes and allow yourself to calm down. The majority of "flame wars" are caused by members losing their cool and openly "attacking" other members.
  • If you lose your cool and "attack" another member or make provoking or inappropriate statements, those statements will be removed with no exceptions held immediately, you may also be issued with a Formal Warning and if the situation demands, you may also be Smote (-1 Karma).

The discussion of News and Rumours:
  • This boards purpose is to discuss news and rumours regarding Games Workshop products, this does not include computer games or movies regarding or associated with Games Workshop, they are instead to be discussed in their appropriate boards, not here.
  • As with many new rumours there will always be "naysayers." Any form of nonconstructive "whining," "complaining," or "moaning" will result in those comments being removed immediately, with further discipline issued if necessary.
  • No rumour discussion will be "derailed" by Force/Army/Race discrepancies or biased Force/Army/Race comments. Any such comments which do not contribute to the discussion will be removed immediately, with further discipline issued if necessary.
  • We understand that Games Workshop is not perfect and that as a company business, profits and money are their primary intrests, without generating income Games Workshop cannot invest in its products! This is the simple cycle of how a business operates, Games Workshop cannot please everyone and we understand that you may be annoyed at their decisions, however that does not entitle you to share you discrepancies in this board and "derail" discussions because you do not like Games Workshops latest business tactics. Any senseless "hating," "whining," "preaching," or "derailing" will result in your comments being removed, with further discipline issued if necessary.
  • This is a place where people can discuss News and Rumours and share what new information they have found with other members of the Forum. In the News and Rumours board asking questions is forbidden, for example posting a topic asking a question on “What’s in release X”, or “What new stuff is army Y getting” are classed as forbidden topics. These type of topics are not allowed in the News and Rumours board simply because it if was allowed, the board would contain more topics asking questions about Rumours, rather than actual Rumours. Any topic posted that is asking a question will be locked immediately.


I hope you find the Games Workshop News and Rumours board a useful resource, if you have any queries, opinions or thoughts on these rules or anything in general about this board, please do not hesitate to contact Cadaver.
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