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Default Necrons

Just got some Necron rumours from a Blueshirt today.

Tying in with my (and everyone else's) thoughts from the WH40K 5th Ed book about the lack of C'tan, there will be no C'tan in the new codex.

The Nightbringer and the Deceiver will return as Datasheets, how they *should* be on the 40k battlefield - they will be 1500pts each and will be able to smack around Titans, as befits a God.

Next year they will also release a new C'tan - and it will be the Outsider, because the Void Dragon is the Machine God.

Discuss =)
Originally Posted by Restayvien
Well I'd rather not play the game at all than play it like they did! :P
Crikey! This crazy clown causes commotion like the coming of Christ. Contained in a circle corrupted by crackheads and carnal cravings, he creates no concession to callous cheaters concentrating on nought but cock. Certainly, still a curious and cordial cavalier in the countenance of crazed cads, curs and creeps who condemn courtesy as something corny. No cloud could collapse his crushing crescendo of comical crowing and crimson coiffure. This conjecture on culture comes circumlocutive, consequently...

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Default Re: Necrons

There will be no C'tan in the new codex, but will the back story for them remain the same?

I think being able to attack titans is pretty awesome, I always thought that for gods the C'tan were pretty lacking but I always thought that was because they were bound by their necrodermis which diminished their power. Not to mention the only anti-titan weapon the Necrons have is the pylon which is a giant turret, not really on equal ground with a titan. I guess the C'tan will be exclusive to apocalypse only now, but at least people will stop nagging us Necron players about having cheesy units.

I wonder if they will still use the same models? I mean if they do titans are going to be harassed by these small models. I foresee a lot of inappropriate jokes from Necron players in the future about how size doesn't matter :P

I think it could be cool, but since I don't like playing apocalypse (costs too much and battles are unrealistic) I think my Nightbringer is going to be collecting a lot of dust...
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Default Re: Necrons

well tbh if its in a friendly game i wouldn't object to much bout a mate usin the current rules for them... but tbh i always thought they were a bit punny... altho doubt they'd get new models... just really big profiles
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Default Re: Necrons

Don't suppose anything was said about new models to replace the C'tan or whether necrons are getting anything new? I seriously considered playing necrons before deciding against them based on the meager choices you have when fielding an army.
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Default Re: Necrons

All sounds great.

The C'tan in Apocalypse sounds much better, as they actually get rules that befit a god. And I will stop hearing how the other gods suck in comparison to the C'tan because they can't be used in normal games from a certain fanboy near me.

-By Timjim
Originally Posted by Lord-General Thunder
If you want durability, you play Space Marines. If you want strength, you play Tyranids.

If you want to dump firepower into your enemy until not even dental records will be enough to identify them, you play Imperial Guard.
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Default Re: Necrons

Great! ;D
C'tan were totally out of place in normal 40k.
Gods? Being killed by Lascannons?

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Default Re: Necrons

That sounds pretty cool. The C'tan are much better suited to Apocalypse.
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Default Re: Necrons

I think that gods do not seem appropriate in 40k unless it was like a weak barley worshiped ramen god or something.
<Wargamer[TO]> - I figure it should go boom by spirit of the rules
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Default Re: Necrons

To be honest, I dont think the Ctan have ANY place in 40k no matter what. Apocolypse, Epic, what have you.

Now, if the Monolith will get a decent nerf bat smacking then...

Originally Posted by Doctor Wu
I think that gods do not seem appropriate in 40k unless it was like a weak barley worshiped ramen god or something.
All fear the noodle gods!

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Default Re: Necrons

Tofu gods are much more deadly. :

Honestly, this sounds a bit more fitting of the Necrons. Apparently, GW decided to put their good codex writers and charge of the Necron codex and move the fanboys who wrote the last Necron dex to the Space Marines. : (No offense to either party intended).

Still, it would be pretty cool to be able to face off against a player who just spent hundreds of dollars on a Titan with your $12.00 Nightbringer and toast it in close combat. ;D

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