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Lizardmen Rumours
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Default Lizardmen Rumours

I found this lot while browsing wargamerau.com.

After seeing the following pic on warseer...


...I sent a mate of mine in the UK (who has 'sources&#39 asking about what he'd heard about the new lizardmen book and got the following response:

As far as I know (playtesting has been recently stopped but I still have a few mates at HQ) no choices are being dropped. The plastics would all stay (GW hasn't dropped a plastic kit from the range in a long time).

So you are looking at the metals being re-done. Krox we know, I would also say that Terradons, Sallies and the Steg will be redone, but the last couple of releases haven't had that much of a makeover.

Rules wise I heard that you can take smaller monsters as Special. The Engine of the Gods from the Lustria book is back as a rare choice.
At first glance I was head over heels for the new kroxigor but now I'm not so sure. The current models look so much more dynamic while it appears to have regressed back to the 5th edition models.
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Default Re: Lizardmen Rumours

The link is bad.

Post edited. You could have simply have informed the OP the link didn't work without the other remark. I don't tolerate those sort of unnecessary remarks in my boards. - Cadaver

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Default Re: Lizardmen Rumours

Hmmm Well we'll see what are they cooking up. I'm waiting for more rumors.

Bringing back Engine could be somewhat fun... but I hope the rules are better on him. He was ok-ish in red host, but a stone thrower for 215 points? Thats a bit too much (don't worry about points, Red Host list was released over a year ago ^_^)

I saw plastic Krox and man... the can't sculpt... or they don't want to. One or the other >_> Model is butt ugly. The current metal Krox also sucks and costs A LOT. I hope it won't be the only pose as its just bad... Static kroxigors are probably even worth then dieting kroxigors...

For the rest, Plastic Stega would be nice. Also saurus hero range(beside the Carnosaurus and rider) blows. I hope they will add few more.

I am more curious about the rules though...

We'll see what they are trying to make.

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Default Re: Lizardmen Rumours

No new rumours so far. The good folks on wargamer are busy debating what may and may not happen, what could be nerfed and whether the new krox model is an eyesore or not. :

Originally Posted by V
The link is bad.
Unfortunately I have no idea how to go about fixing it. Sorry. :-\
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