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Apocalypse reload?
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Default Apocalypse reload?

I know the release date for Apoc:Reload is right after 5th ed, and we've known pretty much everything in it for months now. The rumor mill is surprisingly quiet about Apoc. Does anyone know anything about it?
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Default Re: Apocalypse reload?

It has some more Apoc datasheets for the races in 40k.

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Default Re: Apocalypse reload?

...yeah, I kind of figured. What's left to cover? Will there be new rules, revisions to the APOC book, the rest of the units not covered in the IA book? I'm just wondering why this one is so quiet compared to 5th ed, codex space marines, and codex IG which is not for some time.
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Default Re: Apocalypse reload?

It's only going to be the size of a Codex, and similarly priced. It's just a collection of ~50 new Datasheets, and a Battle Report. I'm not certain of much else.
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Default Re: Apocalypse reload?

Well, its basically the online ones, and only about like 20 (I didn't do the math, 50-whatever's on the site) new ones. One I think is in there is something like, "Kanak skulltakers company" (its a company-size formation of the regiment with warrior weapons in the back of the IG codex). Its mainly just a hard-copy of more datasheets plus some army-specific strategic assets.

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Default Re: Apocalypse reload?

It's also going to make some of the rules compatable with the new rulebook including clarifications on scoring units.
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