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Space Wolf Codex Rumor
Old 11 Apr 2008, 03:42   #1 (permalink)
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Default Space Wolf Codex Rumor

From Space Wolf Community:

Hi guys

I'm new to the site but I thought what better way to start by announcing the new SW codex is on its way for sure!

I know I'm new here but I've been posting on the Ex-Libris board (Blood Angels) for years and also on a few other sites too.

I work for GW (I know, I know but this is seriously genuine), we've had our plans for the rest of the year given to us and it go's a little like this...
May- WFB and 40K Deamon release
June- LotR release (Mordor) and Hordes of Chaos White Dwarf update
July- 40K 5th edition release
August- WFB Hordes of Chaos army book release
September- 40k Marines release
October- 40k replacement for 'Battle for Macragge' release (Marines v Orks)
November- WFB Dark Elves release
December- 40k SPACE WOLVES codex release!!! This is a FULL codex release not a Blood Angels style White Dwarf update. However, no details have been revealed on it's contents or on the models- so anything you hear/see in that department is just rumour at the moment.

That said, things are subject to change; as was the case for the 'Planet Strike' release, which has been pushed back to next year to allow the team time to sort out the new plastic Thunderhawk (yes, that's correct; a new plastic Thunderhawk!!). Also the Guard were supposed to be done in the last quarter of this year but they will now be early 2009 instead.

Fingers crossed that the above releases stay true and the Wolves get a shiny new Codex by Christmas 2008!!

However, just because there's a new release doesn't mean it will all be good news... I just hope the Wolves don't get "Blood Angel'd" and lose their character to turn into a standard chapter, as my beloved BA did.


I call shenanigans on this rumor. The release schedule up to December was confirmed many months ago, so all this guy has added was "Space Wolves in 2008" with an already leaked schedule for the rest of it as some sort of inside knowledge.

Here's the kicker, GW just said recently they have no current plans for a thunderhawk, along with some other larger vehicles. I forget the source but I remember reading it very recently. That directly contradicts what this guy is saying. Now GW may just be trying to keep a lid on things, but I'm more inclined to believe them than random dude who pops up out of nowhere on the internet.

Anyway, It's not impossible that SWs are the December release, as they've been on the radar for awhile but I don't believe this guy has any real inside knowledge. Just my opinion though.
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Default Re: Space Wolf Codex Rumor

I'm willing to bet that the December is either Guard or Space Wolves.

I couldnt really care one way or another as far as a thunderhawlk goes, altho it would be pretty cool to have.
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Old 11 Apr 2008, 20:59   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Space Wolf Codex Rumor

I hope they won't do a thunderhawk as it will just be like with the plastic Baneblade. All the spoiled little kids will get them and try to play them in regular battles with the Apocolypse rules because when I show them Imperial Armour they go, "I don't see that anywhere to buy, so you can't use it." or something plus it will lose its wow factor. And I heard the problem was that to make it would take like thirty sprues or something.

Sorry, that was a little off topic.

And I don't think the leaked schedule had Wolves on there though... but I could be wrong.

-By Timjim
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Default Re: Space Wolf Codex Rumor

well if this is true (wich i doubt) then i hope GW doesn't rush the books
But Isn't it funny to think that guard might be able to copy eldar tactics slightly?
You mean "Perform Eldar tactics better than Eldar", right? :P
Not unless the Eldar have an obscure Warrior Aspect that revolves around the complete mastery of the common light bulb.
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Default Re: Space Wolf Codex Rumor

I just hope this isn't true as the real armies that need a codex (i.e. the Dark Eldar) don't get one...
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Old 13 Apr 2008, 02:28   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Space Wolf Codex Rumor

I just wish they'd come out and say "Sorry guys, we just don't give a damn, Marines sell, buy Marines." I mean we all know they're thinking it...

Oh well, I guess I'll keep my eye open for that fateful day (you'll know when it's here because the sky will rain fire), but I'm not holding my breath. We'll see 6th edition before we see DE.

And in my opinion I think you're right, the guy is lying through his teeth. And call me crazy, I know he's "seriously genuine", but I don't even think he works for GW...

Warhams is serious business.
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Default Re: Space Wolf Codex Rumor

I really wish Space Wolves would be out. I am selling my Black Templars because there are just too many marine arimes out there and I don't want to be a part of that.

I would keep the SW because they were my first army.

(BT were ok but I went with Eldar)
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Default Re: Space Wolf Codex Rumor

I agree, when ever GW does a new edition they aways put out a vanilla SM codex, so I think this is a bunch of bravo-sierra.
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Default Re: Space Wolf Codex Rumor

Gaurd needs to get abit cheaper
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Default Re: Space Wolf Codex Rumor

Bah Gw staff don't get tolf that much,
I was in a tournament team with a manager and he never got told anything, they never even get new models til a week before they are due out, they know as much as we do :P

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