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Australia and New Zealand concerned. model availability
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Australia and New Zealand concerned. model availability

hey guys,

i recently went to my local store to buy some Sisters of Battle models and was astonished to find that i could not order them anymore. So i did a little enquireing and discovered a little info.

Supposedly, the warehouses and factories that store the models intended for the Australasin market are not owned by Games Workshop (unlike the US and UK). This means that models that do not sell begin to take a toll on Games Workshop so they axe them from the list of models they are willing to keep available. This list changes due to the release of new models and the popularity of existing models. This list is usaualy updated monthly and the latest list came out yesterday.

I can confirm that New Zealand and Australian players will not be able (or find it difficult) to order Sister of Battle with Heavy Flamer and Sister of Battle with Heavy Bolter blisters. My sources say that there are other models that have been axed but i cannot personally confirm these.

I speculated into the idea that the removal of this specific models were an indication that maybe a new Inquisiton codex was on its way but sadly the answer is no (well not yet). My sources say that this is only a reflection of Games Workshops policies on the supply of models to the Australasian market and does not indicate anything else.

Finally, i just want to make clear to everyone concerned that the removal of the models available does not indicate that they are out of production it just means that they will be difficualt to obtain.

so there you go. Bung for us.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Australia and New Zealand concerned. model availability

Well that sucks rocks. Sorry to hear it for you. Is shipping killer if you order from US, UK or Canada even? You could also find someone you know traveling abroad and maybe supply them with a list and the cash needed to buy everything you need and bring it back to you. Just a thought.
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Default Re: Australia and New Zealand concerned. model availability

Not only that, We cant get bitz ordering, or separate models. So if I want for example 10 Howling banshees I have to buy two boxes of six at a highly inflated cost.
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Default Re: Australia and New Zealand concerned. model availability

People, just bite the bullet and order from the US/UK.

At our current soaring currency value, shipping seems much easier if you buy in large quantities. In fact for me, even with shipping included it ALWAYS works out as cheaper.
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