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New Chaos datasheets
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Default New Chaos datasheets

From the BoLS:

Hi all,

It looks like GW is kicking out a ton of chaos Apocalypse goodness. The latest White Dwarf (340) contains the following 4 datasheets:

* Thousand Sons Warcoven (rubric marines and terminators)
* Banelord of Khorne (chaos warlord)
* Defiler Assault Force (3-6 defilers)
* Chaos Conclave (handful of named characters and daemon princes)

The following others have been mentioned as coming soon, and all are to be posted online eventually.

* Khorne Lord of Battle
* Khorne Doom Blaster
* Slaanesh Subjugator
* Emperor's Children Warband
* Nurgle Plague tower
* Silver Tower of Tzeentch
Looks pretty cool, although the big question is will the 1k Sons and EC warbands inlcude cult rules for terminators, etc. essentially bringing back cult legion rules in Apocalypse?
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Default Re: New Chaos datasheets

Hey hey.

Nurgle Plague Tower?!? YAY!

I'm definitely looking forward to that. Now I may have a cool centerpiece when I "Apocalize" my army. Plus that defiler assault force is going to make me want to go back to my nurgle army and add defilers, as I've always wanted them anyways.

Thanks for the news Cadaver!

Thanks to timjim for the great banner!
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Default Re: New Chaos datasheets

Cool stuff, it will be interesting what else is in store for khorne
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Default Re: New Chaos datasheets

So it's official, the datasheets bring back Cult Legion goodness for EC and 1k Sons. Sonic weaponry can be taken on most units in the EC warband but I haven't heard exactly what the 1k Sons war coven does.

Now with updated points costs for the weaponry and special rules people can easily make pretty legit, balanced house rules to bring back legions if they wanted to. Death Guard and WEs will have to wait until IA6 but it's worth the wait I think.
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