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This is just taking the biscuit...
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Default This is just taking the biscuit...

Okay, I settled down to do a bit of ordering in the run up to the release of codex daemons - specifically my characters. I had it all planned out nice and simply - buy this head, buy those legs, a torso. Pretty much all of them revolved around the same parts - the severina and sevora assassins with lady jena's head. Add different parts for all such as the enforcers arms to get the pose and job was a good un.

Unfortunately GW has decided in their infinite wisdom to remove the ability to convert these models by simply removing the entire ability to buy the individual components - if I want the heads they will now cost me a rediculous 18 each as I have to buy the entire frigging model, the arms are a no go as they are equally priced. My entire plans for the army have just hit a brick wall as I have no alternative as to how I am gonig to be getting these parts. And to make things worse the set of wings that I wanted I can no longer get hold of due to the exact same reason and there isn't even an alternative available from the wood elf range. So everything ive been planning for the codex has been snuffed even before it began.

But ya see - this got me looking around the site to see if it was universal or if some git on the web team was picking on me. And I can't find any components from any of the boxed sets or blisters - stuff that I know has had the ability to order individual sprues or parts, the land raider, russes, predators. Nothing at all. Zippo. Nil. Zero. Nothing at all is available for the budding converter. Aside from getting hold of some gunked up and abused parts from e-bay my entire daemon army is dead in it's tracks before it's left it's starting block.

Can anyone tell me why games workshop has done this?? It just feels that this hobby is being turned more and more into a game no matter how hard I try. And it makes me wonder - if they wreck the ability to perform conversions easily whats next??
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Default Re: This is just taking the biscuit...

I knew they were doing something of this nature, but it is possible that they just removed that capability from the online store. You might still be able to do it by calling mail-order.
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Default Re: This is just taking the biscuit...

SILK, honestly i don't no why our complaining, We Aussie's have never had the freedom of buying separate component's but i wish we could. But i guess if i was in your shoes i would feel bummed out. I read somewhere on these forums that they are changing the online store for the uk/us? someone wanna confirm that?
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Default Re: This is just taking the biscuit...

GW has removed bits ordering as it is now. Chris Gohlinghorst from GW was kind enough to come on 40k Radio for episode 3 and spoke about this to some extent. Basically, they had a warehouse full of bits that were never being ordered or being ordered very little and it was a huge money pit for them. So to fix this they did an extensive overhaul and reviewed every bits order over the last few years to see what people were ordering and in what combination with other bits. So after this analysis they decided what bits were actually selling and not just taking up space and grouped them into bitz packs. They have a few up now but many, many more will be added in the future. It's just a process that will take time before a significant number if bitz packs are available.
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Default Re: This is just taking the biscuit...

i have suffered from this with my nids at some points, also because i can't get hold of the classic nids as easy anymore. but some things are good, i can get the old metal rippers now, i love those, and i really hope GW brings more nids back
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Default Re: This is just taking the biscuit...

There is always independent sites to buy from silk that still sell individual bitz.
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Default Re: This is just taking the biscuit...

Not to hijack the thread, but I have a scenario that is linked to one of the orders I made a month ago.

I have ordered a few Immolator sprues more than 1 month ago, and I have just send them the mail as to why my bitz are not here yet. This is before they decided to do this 'no-bitz' thing (2 weeks before the change).

So is my order affected by this?
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Default Re: This is just taking the biscuit...

Perhaps someone could shed some light on why there is a free bits catalouge with product code downloadable on the UK site? I can't download it from my present location but if anyone knows what it contains it could be that GW have just changed the way you order bits from them.
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Default Re: This is just taking the biscuit...

It is so annoying, this almost messes up the vintage model competition for thos eof us who don;t have any lying around..I was going to do the same earlier, buy an old SM mk armour, but I found "Oh, they've all disappeared"

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Default Re: This is just taking the biscuit...

Yeah, they've pretty much axed the bitz service and the selection of these packs at the moment is sub par at best. Half the time you end up buying what is essentially a boxed set for 1 or 2 bitz anyway, so in those cases it's not helping! I can understand if they wanted to clear out some warehouse space, but this is just their typical "throw the baby out with the bathwater" approach. If they had just cleared out some of the old stuff and the useless stuff (who orders the left side of a screaming bell?) with a notice in stores and on the website well in advance, I probably wouldn't be complaining. But narrowing down our choice to "more Grey Knight Psycannons than most people need", "Vects Slave Girls" and "Old School Squigs" is just going too far.

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