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Rumored 5ed Changes (Mostly bad...)
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Default Rumored 5ed Changes (Mostly bad...)

OK, so this guy that I regularly play with at the shop I go to down-loaded a PDF file containing a lay-out of what the changes in 5th Edition were going to be. And from the looks of it, it's going to be pretty horrid compared to 4th Edition (My opinion and the opinion of most of the guys I play with).

So here are a few of the rumors:
1) Fast vehicles are now not-so-fast, but more like "quick" vehicles, moving up to a total distance of 18 inches.

2) When moving on roads, tracked and whealled vehicles move up to twice their distance. That makes them move faster than Fast vehicles! :P

3) Move/shoot rules for vehicles are now just like they were in 3rd Edition: You can stay stationary and fire all/move up to 6 inches and fire ONE weapons/move full distance and fire none.

4) Walkers may only move up to 6 inches and fire one weapon.

5) Vehicles now benefit from cover the same way that Infantry does. They get a Cover Save that the cover would normally proved Infantry. Smoke Launchers give a 5+ Cover Save as well.

6) Passengers embarked in a Transport get affected by results on the Damage table. Example: Crew stunned: Normal effect from to the vehicle as well as Passengers may not disembark or fire from it.

7) All Infantry get the "Fleet" ability, but those that actually have it are the only ones that can assault after using it.

8) Infantry that are Pinned gain a Cover Save, even when out in the open.

9) There is an extended BS table, like so:
BS: 6 7 8 9 10
To hit: 2/6 2/5 2/4 2/3 2/2
If you fail to hit with the first number on a D6, then you get a second chance to hit with the second number on a D6

10) Only TROOPS(!!!) may take objectives. And they're making it mostly Objective based, like Apocalypse.

11) Melta weapons no longer get 2D6 Armour Penetration at half range.

There were only a few good things.

1) Any hits from a sniper rifle on a 6 counts as Rending (Makes sense to me).

2) The damage table is now like the Apocalypse damage table: Compacted into one table, with modifiers depending on what you score.
Glance: -2 to your score
AP - Weapons: -1 to your score
Penetrate: 0 to your score
Ordinance weapons: +1 to score

So any way, that's the rumors I've heared about the up-coming 5th Edition. Pretty much they're NERFing the rules for children to play. Any one else hear any rumors that they'd like to share, or have any opinions on what I heared?
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Default Re: Rumored 5ed Changes (Mostly bad...)

There's a thread about this already...
*Doh!-Nuts DarkWand3r3r Msg Player 04-08-2009 17:51:32
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Default Re: Rumored 5ed Changes (Mostly bad...)

Yep, there is. Rumors and the like go over here. Here's the ongoing thread about 5th Edition.

I do agree with you, though, on the fact that 5th doesn't seem that great. I am rather happy with 4th.

-Grandpa Ducky

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