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5th Edition and Long Term Rumors
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Default 5th Edition and Long Term Rumors

From warseer:

OK, I'm going to post these other rumours appeared on GW Tilea: the source is trustworthy.

- First of all, WH40K V Edition will see the light before summer 2008 (yes you read it right), just after the Codexaemons.
There's not much in the new edition that is going to be radically changed, the things which will be modified for sure are:

1) rules about vehicles
2) damage chart for vehicles (MAYBE we'll have one only chart for glancing and penetrating hits, with modifiers according to the weapon which scored the hit - note that this is an uncertain rumour)
3) rules about psychic powers
4) small variations on HtH combat

the source denied any further explaination.

It has been speculated that the new Starter Box will include SM and Orks (both in plastic).



- Codex: Imperial Guard.
New miniatures are ready, the Codex is still undergoing the brainstorming phase
It is almost certain that the Combat Doctrines will remain in the Codex.
New plastic soldiers with great coats and different heads: we'll have Death Korps of Krieg and Valhallans!!!
Possible new Valkyrie in plastic.
New bits for the Sentinel in order to be able to field all of the four patterns in plastic!
New bits for Rough Riders.

- Dark Eldar.
The entire range is going to be redone with new design.
At the moment they're going to made the first new models!
The rules (according to the source) are NOT going to be much changed, except for some units (the source didn't specify which ones).

- Necrons
We won't see them before the end of 2009!!!
However, the Codex will be redone and will feature new models.
Pariah and Immortals are going to be redone.
Maybe new bipod/vehicle?

- Space Wolves
end 2008 - beginning 2009
The Codex has been planned, but nothing is certain.
MAYBE (uncertain rumour) the SW list will be integrated with the 13th Company's units and rules.

Unfortunately, the Codex:Inquisition is still not in schedule We won't see it for a veeeeery long time...

I'd like to thank theJUDGE at GW Tilea's forum for having provided the rumours.
Sorry for the lame English!

I'm skeptical about a few things but I thought I'd share anyway...
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Default Re: 5th Edition and Long Term Rumors

Valhallens and death corps? Why make them both plastic? They are pretty simular in design. Are you sure its just one and someone got confused over what they are?

I sure hope more other kinds of guard go plastic. It would be great to see plastic fanstic regiments like vostroyans or tallern?
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Default Re: 5th Edition and Long Term Rumors

I think it's just plastic guard with greatcoats and a choice of heads- you'd be able to use them as either Valhallans or Death Corps, or any other army.

Which would be pretty awesome, as I've been interested in doing a Valhallan regiment for a while...

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Default Re: 5th Edition and Long Term Rumors

Ye Gods! The DE, Guard and spacewolves are being redone! This'l make choosing a new army a challenge.
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Default Re: 5th Edition and Long Term Rumors

Plastic Guard with greatcoats will make me want a Guard army. Their plastic kits have been really poor in my opinion - Catachans look like they were from the Vietnam war and the Cadians look modern. Greatcoats have a sort of WWI/WH40K feel.

As far as fifth edition... WHY??? More money??? Why can't they just release a little (CHEAP) book that says "this is what's changed."

The damage chart makes sense though, like the super heavy damage chart from Apocalypse that takes away a point for glancing hits and adds for Destroyer hits.
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Default Re: 5th Edition and Long Term Rumors

Hmm. I'm dubious. We don't usually here things this far in advance, and a 5th edition makes very little sense. Yes, 3.5 was a stop gap, but a whole new edition?
Its possible I suppose.

Greatcoated guard, as well. Would be nice, but I remember hearing that they had no plans to do that. Odd that they have now changed.

I hope to god they don't use that ridiculous damage chart idea from Apoc... that would be unbelieveable idiotic, even for GW.

Interesting look at the upcoming armies, that I can believe quite well. Seems logical that they would be done like that, especially with what we already know about DE (the whole new look thing).

Overall, dubious, but could be some good intel there. Sounds good.
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Default Re: 5th Edition and Long Term Rumors

Hmm... No Inquisition on that list. Dang. :-\
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Default Re: 5th Edition and Long Term Rumors

I really don't see 5th edition as a viable rumor right now. Something about it seems contrived considering for the longest time it's never been on anyone's radar until now, and all of a sudden this rumor pops up not even a year in advance? If they've just begun playtesting for Dark Eldar then it seems unlikely that they'll miraculously come up with a new edition in the meantime? Doesn't seem right.

Besides, I heard that GW was satisfied with 4th ed until they update all of the armies to 4th ed. Also I don't think IG will be before Dark Eldar or Necrons. If anyone has a copy of the orks codex they'll see that the proof was finished in JULY, and with the Orks being released at least 6 months later, one can imagine that the entire 2008 release is pretty set in stone. I think we would've seen IG pop up on the rumor-radar much sooner if they were going to be out in 2008
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Default Re: 5th Edition and Long Term Rumors

Its too fast to have 5th edition, with 2004 being the year of the 4th ed. I would say it is viable if it is around 2010 or something to that extend, but that would be all.

As for the rest, I would like to see the DE and IG stuff.
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Default Re: 5th Edition and Long Term Rumors

I heard a few places hat space wolves are coming so re-doing my army may have to wait... Games Workshop have a nasty habit that a staff member disscussed with our Vets a while ago... If you play 40k and fantasy be prepared to shed out 30 every two years...Because they leave it four years then bring out a new Rulebook. Apparently near enough on the dot throughout the companys history.

And the manager of my local store says he's seen the release list up until March 09 but he won't tell us whats on it other than Dark Elves and Dark Eldar...

So it could be that GW has managed to keep the rulebook project quite hush hush and they have had a nice blinder card to play known as Apocalypse, it is possible that everyone saw and picked up on that and thought thats what the new 'ruleset' was?
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