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Baneblade question
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Default Baneblade question

I love the new BaneBlade model and I'm considering getting it when it comes out. First of all I wanted to know, does anyone have any idea what sort of points cost it will have and what stats/AV it is going to have? Also, does anyone know when it is coming out, and how much it will cost?

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Default Re: Baneblade question

Most reports are on the GW news/rumors section, you should drop by sometime, it will save you a lot of hassle

The beneblade will cost 95 bucks
It will be released the 15th of October
Here's a link to the GW news/ rumors Section, have a look at it, It will save you from making unnecesary posts .

Games Workshop News & rumors Section.

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Default Re: Baneblade question

Posting point costs or stats is against forum rules.

What parts of your question we can answer have been answered. Locked.
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