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40k MMO?
Old 11 Aug 2007, 04:24   #1 (permalink)
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Default 40k MMO?

I've seen a few lines dropped around on the forums of a 40k MMO being developed, mostly back in Feburary, and was wondering what if any information had developed.
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Default Re: 40k MMO?

I know there was something in the news section of a WD that had something about it. It had to be from I think it was in the 300's also.

I don't remember specifics though.

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Default Re: 40k MMO?

Yes, they are coming out with it, but its still very early in development, so not much is known, I think its coming out in 2008-9. I can give you a link http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/warha...result;title;0
that is a little information on it. On a completely different note, your avatar is really, really, really disturbing.........


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Default Re: 40k MMO?

This has been covered before. There's no new info right now other than it's being made by Vigil Games which is based in Austin where I live. I actually was at the office building where they have their studio last week. I almost went over to their suite to ask if I could see a screenshot or something but I thought better of it. ;D On a somewhat related note, I was at Aspyr Media this week. I really wish I had those guys job. It was just a huge room full of game developers play testing all these computer games. Lucky bastards.
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