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Alien Hunters
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Old 16 Apr 2004, 01:23   #11 (permalink)
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Default Re: Alien Hunters

I'm all for Xeno Hunters but I don't think they'll have

enemy specific things. I think it'll be more general. You don't see

Daemonhunters having anti Slaanesh things they have anti Daemon.
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Default Re: Alien Hunters

i think they actually might have one or

two enemy specific things, cos it'd be a bit much to have the same round that wounds

kroot on a 2 wound a hive tyrant on a 2...but then again, i guess the probably won't

have that particualr item
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Default Re: Alien Hunters

Gah! You bugger! Those are my DW house rules!

? ? ?
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Old 10 Jul 2004, 10:11   #14 (permalink)
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Default Re: Alien Hunters

Ignoring WBB should only be on a special

weapon. Same with all the rest of the stuff. If the whole army can do it,

that's a bit much.
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Old 10 Jul 2004, 14:29   #15 (permalink)
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Default Re: Alien Hunters

Unless of course they make then like Grey

Knights in which case all the above stuff would be items/psychic powers/natural abilities

of the unit. Another cool thing would be to wield say, alien weapons, an Inquisitor

wielding a witchblade! (of course he would be radical).
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Default Re: Alien Hunters

wouldn't worry about those ones up the

top being used: they're unofficial, and unbalanced.
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