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Tau Piranhas
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Default Tau Piranhas

Are these really a new Tau thing? I forget where I saw it...
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Theres an I in Meat pie.
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You get the picture.
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Default Re: Tau Piranhas

Yeah they're official plastics now. Or will be. It's in the sneek peaks bit of the News bit of the GW website.
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Default Re: Tau Piranhas

Please look in the Rumors section - there is alot of information on them.

And I have a feeling that some of the members who already told you that the Piranha would be coming, as well as gave links, will feel disapointed in you...
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Default Re: Tau Piranhas

Originally Posted by Ultima Weapon
Are these really a new Tau thing? I forget where I saw it...
Not exactly. They used to be Forgeworld Models if that's what you're asking. Now they've been remade in plastic by GW for the new Codex.
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