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World eaters drug champ (sorcerer )
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Default World eaters drug champ (sorcerer )

My basic idea is to have a fluffy way of having a sorcerer in the world eaters army. So the idea was throw at me, A combat drugged Berzerker. So here are my ideas for the spells and so on (its all still the same spells but a dif way to explain). I would love any help in this, im not to creative but this was a good piece of work for me.

I dont know about what i want for the model yet. all i know is im going to be useing the Fabius bile back pack. thx all

Combat-Drug Berzerker lord

Spells/Abilities re-done

Perils of the warp(Over dose) – on a role of a double one or anything above his leadership he becomes to addicted the drugs and overdoses, suffering one wound and not being able to use his drugs for that turn as he is in shock.

Force Axe (Power Axe) – With the help of combat drugs the Berzerkers strength heightens in battle and with one clean swing with his axe he cleaves the enemy in half leaving no chance for survival.

Mark of Slaanesh (Hyper awareness) - The Berzerker is being constantly injected with a drug that enhances his reaction time and gives the effect of time slowing down around him..

Mark of Nurgle (High pain tolerance) – The Berzerker injects himself with a drug making him able to take more pain then a normal man ever could.

Mark of Tzeentch (Speed) – A lot like the Hyper awareness drug, this one also makes him aware of close to everything around him giving him a chance to dodge on coming attacks unlike the other drug which allows him to use if offensively.

Doombolt – Cant think of anything :s

Warptime (Berzerk Fury) – The drugs in his system and the fact that he’s a berserker clash together to unleash a huge amount of aggression and speed.

Gift of Chaos (addiction) -The berzerker injects an enemy model close by with an addictive and dangers drug, Either the drug simple kills him because his body cant handle it or he becomes addicted to it, Doing anything for who ever can give him his fix.

Winds of Chaos (Toxic cloud) – Using the same drug that makes his enemies addicted, he releases it in a cloud form. The drug is so powerful in this form that anyone breathing it in dies. The reason it is released into cloud form is so it not only kills the troops around but can also enter the air vents of vehicles and kill the drivers inside.

Lash of submission (hallucinate) – He releases a drug into the air at his enemies that make them hallucinate, seeing the Berzerker lord as there own commander. They stand running to there “commander” unknowing that it is there death.

Nurgle’s Rot (Intense high) – He injects himself with a drug that hives him emence speed, hitting everyone around him. But the speed comes at a cost, for this amount of speed to be injected into him he must stop injecting other drugs at the time and becomes weak from his lack of drugs he normally needs.

Bolt of Change (Axe hurl) – The Berzerker is injected with so much that he becomes in raged and doesn’t even have the time to wait before he gets to the enemy for a kill, he throws his axe with so much strength that if cleaves the enemy it hits in twine.

All thoughts welcome

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: World eaters drug champ (sorcerer )

hmm I like some of it but have a couple problems with it as well. That said, good jorb so far!

First off, the main issue I have isnt the individual ideas, it's the concept that psychic hoods and other anti-psyker measures could stop chemical reactions :s

One thing you should consider is that Chaos does have all sorts of seriously weird stuff going on (i mean above and beyond the weird stuff int he codex) in various Black Library novels. Guants Ghosts, Eisenhorn, Ravenor all by Dan Abnett and especially Eye Of Terror by Barrington J Bailey have the wackiest of demonic, magical, Chaos-ey shenanigans in them. Psychic, demonic, and magic drugs all do or can exist ( i seem to recall mentions of drugs that temporarily give you heightened state of awareness and even psychic powers) so were a World Eater to start psychically juicing... well, it's not hard to believe that Doom Bolt and Bolt of Change etc would follow! Also, being nasty warp drugs is a very good explanation for why anti-psychic measures would stop them. They simply would become innate (or even deadly a la Perils Of The Warp) when their warp tinged natures were denied.

all in all, my suggestion is this Khorne sorcerer takes Warp tinged demonic drugs manufactured somewhere deep in the Eye of Terror made from human souls and cough syrup (or something). This is especially nice as whatever mark you take you can claim as the origin of manufacture (so obviously Nurglesque narcotics would function differently from Slaaneshi). I think this is a nice concept as you can decide how chemically or magically based you want your powers to be! as for the specifics of powers:

mark of Tzeentch: may want to call is warp borne luck or chemically induced precognition.

gift of chaos: i think your idea works but instead of just having the target jonesing for another hit, have the drug cause radical, rapid mutation!

winds of chaos: goes on a magically bad trip. The drug causes his psychic trauma to emanate out from him and effect others in front of him! could manifest as telepathic turbulence of psychic horrors!

lash of submission: that works if you want to keep it more chemical, but if you could just as easily make it a warp influences hallucination, or a manifestation of his temporary powers.

nurgles rot: basically the same as winds of chaos, but not directional

bolt of change: could be another "whoa my drugs make me shoot [insert whatever's coming from his hands]"

as for the rest I think they work wonderfully as it is!

hope this helps and isnt a total hijacking of your idea. Happy... fluff writing? fluffing? no i don't think that's right....
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Default Re: World eaters drug champ (sorcerer )

THanks man, this all helps
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I really like the idea but... (this is a big but) you say its a sorcerer for world eaters and world eaters worship khorne. khorne hates sorcerers, when the world eaters firts turned to chaos in horus hesery the world eaters killed all the sorcerers in their legion! so what are you going to do about that?
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Kroot Warrior
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Greatshapers right why have every mark for all gods but their own
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