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Word Bearers DA
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Default Word Bearers DA

So I can't find any Dark Apostle figures on the GW website can someone please show me a link to the DA figure on the GW if they have one.

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Default Re: Word Bearers DA

negative.... convert a chappy or something for one.
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Default Re: Word Bearers DA

A converted DA would be awesome if you modelled it right :P

The might of the Empire bears down on you...

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Default Re: Word Bearers DA

I plan on using the new Legion of the Damned Sergeant.

If you were converting your own, have a look at the Dark Angels Veterans box and the Black Templars upgrade sprue - lots of useful bits on both of those frames.
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Default Re: Word Bearers DA

Right, just in case they're sounding a bit off key, I'll tell you directly, there is no model for a dark apostle. You have to convert.
I'm personally thinking of adding the flaming heads from the Empire flaggelants to my model as most other pictures I've seen have fire somewhere on the apostle.
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