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missile launchers you have failed me for the last time!
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Default missile launchers you have failed me for the last time!

i used a single squad of 10 marines with a missile launcher today. a 7 round game, that single missile could not take out a single deff dread. its single target. armor 12, what its supposed to excel in destroying, could not breach its defenses.

i have no desire to use a squad of lesser deamons to be my objective sitters, what is the perfect objective sitter for a khorne based army? or should i not even focus on objectives and just try to destroy my opponent?
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Default Re: missile launchers you have failed me for the last time!

I find autocannons a better weapon than Missile Launchers... But thats just me. Daemons make beter sitters, esp in cover (go to ground), and they are fearless and cheaper. Standard marines can put fire back though.... Try just a min squad, don't bother with heavy weapon....
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