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Thousand Sons versus the Hakanor's Reavers (1500/1500 batrep)
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Default Thousand Sons versus the Hakanor's Reavers (1500/1500 batrep)

After a bitter annihilation of the Reaver's forces, they had declared war on the Thousand Sons of the Alpha Legion for dominance of BK-II space.
My army included:
Prince Eci - 205
Winds of Chaos

9x Thousand Sons, with Sorceror - 274
Gift of Chaos

9x Thousand Sons, with Sorceror - 274
Gift of Chaos

9x Thousand Sons, with Sorceror - 274
Gift of Chaos

Defiler - 150
2x close combat arms

Land Raider - 240
Demonic Possession

Vindicator - 125

His army:
Lash Sorceror

10x Marines, icon of Khorne, Champion with powerfist

10x Marines, icon of Khorne, Champion with powerfist

9x sons with doombolt

8 Noise Marines, 8 sonic blasters

2x Obliterators

2x Oblitorators


The mission was Capture and control on a Dawn of war style deployment.

Turn one:
The marines of Hakanor tried to scurry out of the forest, seeing a quick chance to get a jump on their thousand rivals. With their own changed Tzeentch marines, they had fired bolt after bolt into the rivaling chosen of Tzeentch. The sorcerer, using his alluring gaze of Slaneesh, pulling the marines closer to his own. The marines under his command took quick use of this chance, pounding bolt after bolt into the sons as they charged into a brutal combat to absolutely obliterate all that stood in their way. The sons of the Alpha Legion had very little chance to react, trying to take the sorcerer with them, but were ultimately overwhelmed.

The thousand sons had their chance to react. Bringing in their reinforcements, a Massive Defiler, a Vindicator, and a hulking Land Raider holding more of his sons. The Daemon, calling time and space to bend to his will, lunged towards the exposed marines, Breathing what seemed to be pure warp into his men, causing them to horrible mutate into blobs of agonizing flesh and armor. The few men left were brave enough to take on this hulking monster whilst a small firefight starts to bend towards the son's favor. After return fire on the flank to another marine squad, the marines had broke, falling back trying to attempt to escape the marines range, whilst holding their objective. The hopes of the Sorceror and few remaining marines were shattered, as the daemon drew his sword towards them. They tried their best to even harm the monster, but nothing could interrupt the will of Tzeentch it seemed. The daemon quickly dispatched the marines, and the sorcerer hung on by suicidal bravery.

Turn 2:
Some of the Obliterators under Hakanor's colors exposed themselves, seeming to materialize out of nowhere, as their Defiler marches with haste towards the sons, the Sons of Slaneesh sit there and do their own thing in the corner. The obliterators determine the Land Raider as their primary threat, pounding a pair of meltas into the behemoth tank, causing it to burst into a pile of rubble. By the will of Tzeentch, the crew is unharmed. By this time, all hope is lost for the sorcerer as he is effortlessly rips him to shreds. The daemon finds his next target, and is in no hurry to get to it.

The Thousand Sons bestow the gift of Tzeentch, pure, unadulterated change. As one Obliterator takes a trip into spawnhood, he quickly dies off leaving one obliterator left in the heart of the Tzeentchi force. The defiler finds it's first target, and needs not go far towards it. The Daemon lunges towards the enemy's defiler, with shifting winds making it seem shift in and out of reality, as the Sons start mobilizing towards important objectives. The mighty vindicator fired, missing it's target. The Daemon made his charge on the enemy's defiler, making quick work of the ancient machine. As quickly as he came, he left, seeking a new victim of the daemon's ferocity. The last of the obliterators did not receive a similar fate, having a stalemate with the defiler.

Turn 3
As the belief of the Obliterator threat is gone, a second wave comes in! The Obliterators come in, quickly showing what they aimed for. The marines of Hakanor are in absolute desperation to remove that prince, mobilizing everything else to get as much bolter fire into the daemon as they can. But after as many rounds the sons and reavers could manage, the Daemon emerges unscathed. The obliterators make quick work of the liability that was the Vindicator, whilst the Defiler rips the first squad's defiler to shreds.

Things look up for the Thousand Sons, although losing their armor. The Daemon locks eyes with the last group of Reavers, flying towards the men. With the Defiler marching towards the newly emerged squad of Obliterators the Sons holding the objective burst rounds into the obliterators. Their powerful armor holding much off, but was just too much for one of them, and one was forced to fall. As Eci unleashes his winds of change onto the marines, Khorne had given them some of his fury, killing very few. During the assault to marines stole the initiative, with rage not even Tzeentch could protect from. The daemon is severely wounded, but fighting on to even the fight. At the same time, the defiler makes short work of the last Obliterators. Hopefully there will not be any more nasty surprises afterwards.

Turn 4:
The noise Marines finally realize there is a war happening, and quickly get to arms, only realizing their petty sonic weaponry could do next to nothing to a mighty defiler. The Sons get as far away as they can from the lurking Defiler and Prince bound to be there, as the Prince in it's fullest rage rends the marines apart. He was determined to destroy enough as he can before he is sent back to the warp.

The Marines mobilize to their objectives, as the Defiler and Prince waltz towards the treacherous sons. Before the charge, unleashing his breath of change, turning the will of the son's gods against them. The daemon makes a charge to the sons, killing many, with the sons unable to fight back in the turmoil.

Turn 5:
As the Children of Slaneesh are stuck being completely unable to do anything now, they return to the things they had been doing, ignoring the ongoing war. Them, and a few sons were all that was left of the sons of Hakanor, compared to the now seemingly endless numbers of Alpharius' children. The sons, taking more and more casualties, pull off a miracle and end Eci's reign of terror, but the cost was too great. The Defiler was fast approaching the pair of surviving marines.

There was nothing left to stop them from overruning, the defiler was but mere steps away from taking the treacherous sons, leaving the preoccupied Emperor's Children left to fight the whole of the Alpha Legion.

At the end of the day, the Alpha Legion was ultimately successful in eradicating the Hakanor's Reavers from their newly claimed planet, whilst using the arcane technology to pour more legionnaires out of the warp. Their plans? No one but the Legion itself knows.

Pictures are to come soon, and if this is generally well-received I would gladly post more.

A brilliant Battle Report which I liked very much! This shall be placed in the Important Topics Sticky. +1 Karma - Anton
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Default Re: Thousand Sons versus the Hakanor's Reavers (1500/1500 batrep)

Good batrep, glad to see the Sons kicking some booty!
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Default Re: Thousand Sons versus the Hakanor's Reavers (1500/1500 batrep)

nice, i look forward to the pics, it's given me the inspiration to post up my own bat-rep
Originally Posted by Fish Ead
Many Bothans died to bring this thread back on topic
[img width=650 height=74]http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x38/Majonga/sig.jpg[/img]
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Default Re: Thousand Sons versus the Hakanor's Reavers (1500/1500 batrep)

Heh, right now I'm trying to work them down to a decent resolution. I'm not that flattering of a photographer, either.
How do I change the resolution of a picture, anyway?
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