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starting new
Old 22 Nov 2008, 01:57   #1 (permalink)
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Default starting new

Its been several years since i played chaos and was wanting some help on how to go with my army. first off i want it to be mechanized able to take the fight were i want it to be and second what marks should i take and what i should add to next. heres what i got

12 berskers
30 csm
2 rhinos
2 oblits
5 terms
and im converting a dp from a ravener body and possessed marines

I thought about some raptors but have noticed in games that i play in against them I target them asap. second a third rhino doesnt sound bad either and i have been debating on 1k sons to add to the list. debated on giving nurgle or tzeench to my terms to make them hard to kill or keep them plain jane and wether to take a lord or sorc instead of a prince. any info would be awesome!

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Default Re: starting new

You a solid base of undivided to work with, which is nice. Before I make any reccommendations I would like to know how many points over all you want your army to be?
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Default Re: starting new

Daemon prince would be decent but wings would be rather necessary. You need to get some sort of wings. Otherwise he is too slow. To get started let us see.
I ened to know what special weapons are on the chaos space marines. Overall it looks good and the rhinos and vidicator will work good.
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Default Re: starting new

I'd reccomend a Defiler as well. It's mobile, but also has some serious kicking power. Also, I know what you said about mechanised, but Thousand Sons could provide some covering fire.

Hope I've helped.

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Default Re: starting new

Yes i would definitely suggest more Heavy support in there and the defiler works great,just ditch the heavy flamer for the extra close combat weapon.
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Default Re: starting new

i eventually would like to get to 2k. special weapons i have are 2 of each but i do have spare heavy weapons from a devastator box i am not using. and yes i do plan on having wings on my prince. the defiler i'm not for sure about just for the fact it is a huge model and hard to provide any kind of cover for it.

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