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New to Daemons
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Default New to Daemons

Hey guys. After playing orks for years as my only 40k army I finally picked up a second army, the chaos daemons. The models are just too sick to pass up, and they have so many unique and interesting units and special rules.

I'm mostly interested in khorne, slaanesh and tzeench units and I bought a few of each. My main question would be how do you guys tool up your daemon princes? They seem to have a staggering amount of options and can get really expensive really fast. Some advice would be appreciated.
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Default Re: New to Daemons

I've found 2 builds to be effective, when it comes to Daemon Princes:

1. Iron Hide, Daemonic Gaze

This is the close range variant. He drops and fires and MEQ's. On the next round, if they've spent their fire killing him you let him fall without resentment, a t5 3+ save 4 wound guy is a good thing for them to shoot at in a dex with such fragile troops. If they've fired at others he moves, shoots and charges into a unit.

2. Mark of Tzeentch, Daemonic Gaze, Bolt of Tzeentch

This guy hangs out far off, blasting at enemy troops with his bs5 weapons. Since he's at long range the MoT is about as good as Iron Hide, failing only vs. autocannon/heavy bolter equivalents. This guy is also one of Kairos' posse.
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