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The Suicide Rocket
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Default The Suicide Rocket

With the new independent character rules for 5th edition is the Suicide rocket still a viable HQ?

in 4th edition it was difficult, if not impossible to take the lord out before he hit his target. but now independent characters can be targeted and blown to hell relatively easily. and sure you could simply hug cover and hop your way up the board. but with the new area terrain rules if your opponent chooses to pour fire into him hes gonna go down cover saves or not. (unless you play with alot of buildings)

i havent tried the suicide rocket in a 5th edition game yet so ill ask you guys. have you had any succes with the suicide lord in recent games?
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Default Re: The Suicide Rocket

I haven't tried it myself, but it seems like your only shot is to put him on a bike and send him flying up the enemy's way. Your hope is that his invulnerable save and boosted toughness will make him soak up more fire than he ought to.

He's really hard hit by the twin changes to combat res and consolidation. Previously he would roll up on a squad, kill half, they'd hold at full morale, then he'd kill the remainder and move out. Now he'll roll up, kill 4 and break them in your turn. Further, even if he breaks close to enemy's, as long as he does it in the wrong phase he'll be strung out, as he can't consolidate into the enemy.

On the other hand, vehicles are much easier to charge than they used to be, so hitting the Devilfish Wall isn't automatically the end.
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Default Re: The Suicide Rocket

I've started a new Chaos Space Marine army for 5th edition and I've decided to give Deep Strike a try, something I wouldn't have dreamt of in 4th edition. My plan is to use a Nurgle Chaos Terminator Lord with the Nurgle Daemon Weapon and a Combi-Melta and Deepstrike behind the enemy and "juggernaut" his way through enemy units, targetingmainly: Heavy Weapon wielding squads, Troops holding objectives, tough monstrous creatures. If not he should draw my opponents attention, afterall who wouldn't react to a Chaos Terminator Lord rampaging through your precious Troops! :P
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