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Beating Dark Angels...
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Default Beating Dark Angels...

Alright, my local hobby store is playing a summer campaign and so far my borrowed Black Legion army is performing very well. Recently, I've hit a bit of a problem... the resident Dark Angels player.

His force is very fast, very shooty, and very cowardly. He can usually defeat my units in a straight shoot out, but I cannot catch him because his units always move away from my close combat units. Tactical squads in rhinos, master of the ravenwing, bikes, landspeeders, and vindicators are all his trademarks. What would you guys recommend to me to try and beat this guy? i can't seem to catch him and defeat him with my superior close combat troops, and his shooting always seems to best mine, but I can't match his speed either...

Thanks for the help, my fellow Lords of Chaos
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Default Re: Beating Dark Angels...

How much cover are you using on your tables? You're supposed to have AT LEAST 25% for very bare boards, like deserts or landing strips. "Temperate" boards should have allot more.

Also, what list are you running? If they keep getting away from you, you should either go shooty or make stuff faster. :P
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Default Re: Beating Dark Angels...

Not enough terrain I fear, barely 25% of the board is covered but there isn't much I can really do, the hobby shop is relatively new and terrain/boards are sparse.

I've experimented with both types of lists, I've run Raptors and rhino-based zerkers as well as defilers and big squads of static marines. I think my main problem is that I've combined these elements too much and that I'm not capable of doing one of them effectively. I'm not super fond of shooty Chaos, so right now I'm looking at some sort of rhino-zerker rush with bikers and a defiler to hold up the fort. Maybe a Predator for the damn Master of the Ravenwing...
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Default Re: Beating Dark Angels...

Well, when fighting dark angels, i try to eliminate any anti-tank they have (my army is very mech based) and then my twin land raider can barely be scraped, and have a good chance of lasting right to the end of the game. Failing this, i hurl everything i have at them at once so theyh are overwhelmed, and i try to tank shock any units close to the edge of the board of it. If you run a close combat orientated army, do the last one as as soon as you hit the enemy lines they will be in deep trouble, make sure everything that is going to get into combat is either deep striking or in a transport and its actually quite hard to lose once you have hit the enemy lines, remember never to let your tanks sides or rear face the enemy, as they will punch a nice little hole in your tank. Also use the transports to block units coming to aid the combateers as they cannot go to near the transport without it counting as an assualt, so they would have to deal with it first before they get into the scrap. Also if you're playing tank heavy DA get as many meltabombs as you can on your c/c troops, my command squad for my marine army took out a baneblade yesterday, and only lost everybody in the blast, all of them had meltabombs.

Hope this helps,
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