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Soul Drinkers
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Default Soul Drinkers

To those who are familiar - I solicit your thoughts on the matter. I am interested in starting up these guys, but i'm not sure if should work them in as CSM, or just SM.

Things that I'm most concerned with are their scouts, chaplain and techmarine. They have all these, and they are all quite central to the fluff, so I would like to represent them. Thoughts?

The reason why I feel CSM may be a good platform is because of all the mutations in the chapter. The old codex would have been perfect, but as it is, being able to give saphedon the beast category as opposed to being on a bike in a loyalist SM list is a much better "count-as" me thinks.

didn't find much on this topic in the forum - just some old uninformative thread. Anyone seen anything cool on this matter?
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Default Re: Soul Drinkers

Depends on if you are doing them before or after they started to become mutated, if before SM, if after CSM.

Scouts: in the omnibus (they only book ive read of them) the scouts don't get mutated , so the normal models would work for them, but then they would not be allowed in your army as you would probably be using CSM rules, I'm sure that in freindly games, your opponents would not mind you using the scouts as scouts, but in tournaments etc. you would have to ommit them from your army.

Chaplain: you could do a sort of dark apostle style chaplain, using the stats for a chaos lord, but only giving him a power weapon, no daemon weapons.

Techmarine: Err, techmarine! In freindly games, i doubt that anyone would mind you using them as a techmarine in a chaos army list, and there would be no problem in an apocalypse game, but in tournaments, yuo would, like the scouts have to ommit him from your army.

Saphedon: In apocalypse and freindly games, you could make up your own rules for him, weilding the soul spear etc. but competetive games would be completely different, and you'd probably have to use him as a daemon prince or something along the lines of that.

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Default Re: Soul Drinkers

Hey hey.

I just have one small idea that might work for scouts.

Use them as summoned lesser daemons, and the deepstrike represents them waiting in hiding and ambushing the enemy at a certian time?

Cool idea though, good luck with it!

Thanks to timjim for the great banner!
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Default Re: Soul Drinkers

In all honesty I think the Space Marine rules represent the Soul Drinkers better than the Chaos Space Marines rules, afterall the Soul Drinkers are not chaotic at all and do not possess any units or wargear that are in Codex Chaos Space Marines. At least with the Space Marine Codex you can represent Techmarine Lygris, Chaplain Iktinos and Eumenes and his scouts. The Soul Drinkers still adhere (loosely) to the usual organization of Space Marine forces. Anyway, as a devout fan of the Soul Drinkers novel I must swallow my pride and say that Codex Space Marines would allow you to represent the many Soul Drinkers characters properly rather than Codex Chaos Space Marines.

Good luck with your project!
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