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3 way, Khorne daemons vs nids vs orks
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Default 3 way, Khorne daemons vs nids vs orks

My opponents were a balanced nid list, and a tank heavy shooty ork. The nid player had only played one game previous, and this was all three of our first game using 5th edition.

My list (note, I didn't have enough models so proxied a couple which drives me nuts and used some upgrades which drives me... oh wait, already here!)

BloodThirster w/ Unholy Might and Blessing of the Blood God

Herald of Khorne w/ Juggernaut, Unholy Might, Blessing of the Blood God, Chaos Icon

5 Blood Crushers

8 Blood Letters w/ Chaos Icon

8 Blood Letters w/ Chaos Icon

8 Blood Letters w/ Chaos Icon

8 Blood Letters w/ Instrument of Chaos

8 Blood Letters w/ Instrument of Chaos

5 Flesh Hounds w/ Fury of Khorne

5 Flesh Hounds w/ Fury of Khorne

Daemon Prince w/ Mark of Khorne, Unholy Might, Blessing of the Blood God, Iron Hide

Daemon Princess w/ Mark of Khorne, Unholy Might, Blessing of the Blood God, Iron Hide

Daemon Princess w/ Mark of Khorne, Blessing of the Blood God, Daemonic Flight, Iron Hide

Total: 2000 pts (though I might be missing an upgrade or two...)

Nid player had:
Hive Tyrant w/ Scything Talons, Venom Cannon and some biomorphs

Brood Lord w/ 11 Stealer bodyguard (stealers had scything talons, extended carapace, and the one biomorph that gives you preferred enemy)

5 Warriors w/ Rending Claws, 4 Devourers, 1 Venom Cannon, and some more biomorphs

1 Lictor

12 Genestealers w/ various biomorphs (I know the extended carapace and the preferred enemy)

8 termagaunts w/ fleshborers and toxin sacs

8 termagaunts w/ fleshborers and toxin sacs

16 termagaunts w/ spines and relentless (the one that lets him bring the unit back on when it dies)

3 Ripper swarms w/ extended carapace

2 Raveners

2 spore mines (st3 one)

3 Biovores with the same spore mines

1 Zoanthrope w/ catalyst psychic power (he didn't know that he could take a second psychic power, he also forgot that the Hive Tyrant could take psychic powers...)

Carnifex w/ 2 scything talons, and various bio morphs

And the orc player decided to have some fun:
2 Meks with the Shokk attack gun (not fun in the slightest)

3 nobs w/ power klaws in a battlewagon (deathroller, template gun, wrecking ball)

3 nobs w/ power klaws in a battlewagon (deathroller, template gun, wrecking ball)

3 nobs w/ power klaws in a battlewagon (deathroller, template gun, wrecking ball)

12 Shoota boys w/ Big shoota in a trukk (wrecking ball)

Deff Dread w/ Heavy Flamers

12 Shoota boys

BattleWagon w/ Wrecking ball, deathroller, template gun

2 looted vehicles w/ wrecking ball

I think thats it, basically he didn't care that he only had two scoring units as his vehicles did insanely nasty things in both the movement and assault phase. Also note that with the exception of the dread all vehicles had a grot rigger.

Ok, on to the game:

Placement went as normal for both the orc and the nid player. We used Cityfight terrain... except all the buildings were closed so everything blocked line of sight. There were about 10 different buildings with each one being at least 6" away from any other peice. Only really open places were on the left middle of the board looking in from the nid players deployment, the right side of the orcs deployment and the left side of the nids deployment. My deployment zone (that I didn't need mind you) was the short edge on the left side of the nid player.

We rolled to see who got first and I got really lucky. The orc player won and took the first turn (couldn't use the regular way as there were three of us), I rolled next highest and told the nid player he could go next.

Now the Nid player got to use his scuttlers... though I think we did that wrong as we did it like 4th edition.

Orc Turn one:
He moved his 3 units of nobz forward toward the nids carnifex and rippers. His truck boys moved thirteen inches forward, disembarked up to two inches. Shooting was devastating for the nids as most of the ork players templates at most scattered 3 inches after the reduction from his ballistic skill. He was able to whittle the one unit of genestealers down to 7, killed one biovore, the other genestealer unit (broodlords) went down by 5, carnifex lost a wound and a fleshborer squad was wiped out. He then assaulted the genestealers with his trukk boys... and lost every boy in close combat. When I asked him why he did that his response was " I thought at most he'd kill 5 or 6, not the entire unit" Stealers used the follow up to get closer to the second unit of boys.

Nids turn one:
Everything but the biovores moved forward as fast as possible. Shooting had the biovores immobilizing the dread and killing a unit of boys and 2 of 3 nobz from one nob unit. Now let me get this clear, the orc player now no longer has any scoring units! The rest of his shooting was directed at either one of the Battlewagons, shaking it, and the rest of his nobs... which killed off all but three. His carnifex and the rippers ran to get to the enemy faster and rolled double ones. His stealers that had been robbed of their assault then ran toward one of the battlewagons (something about not liking the templates flying everywhere).

My turn one:
First I divided my army... I chose to go an unconventional route: 3 daemon princes, herald, blood crushers and a unit of hounds. I rolled a 4 and got them.
Blood thirster was placed about 10 inches away from the zoanthrope and the hivetyrant, Herald joined the crushers and deepstruck 6 inches from the biovores, both daemon princesses deployed right in the center of the nids army, only one scattered but not enough to be in any trouble. The Flesh Hounds were placed in the orcs deployment zone where the trukk had been before it charged forward. Lastly the daemon prince was placed on a building right in the center of the board. He then scattered 11 inches into impassable terrain.... roll on the chart... 2.... dead daemon prince.

Since I couldn't assault this turn I only used run. Herald and Crushers towards the biovores, thirster towards the tyrant, one daemon princess at the zoanthrope the other at the warriors. The flesh hounds ran towards a battlewagon... that was a mistake as you'll see. I ended my turn knowing the orc player could only shoot at me so much and the nid player didn't have the kind of shooting power he would need.

Orc turn 2:
First thing the orc player does is turn his battle wagon that I had moved toward to face my hounds, then tank shocks 6 inches. No big deal until he mentioned what the deathrollers do... 1d6 st 10 hits! 2d6 if I death or glory... Fortunately enough for me he only kills 2 models in the unit... Until assault phase...
The rest of his movement was basically to get better shots with some of his tanks. Thinking I was the bigger threat he lobbed a lot of his templates at my daemon princess and Crushers, but only caused one wound to each.
So on to assault phase, where he charged the carnifex with his nobz... and realized too late that he also nicked one of the ripper swarm bases. The swarm puts a wound on a nob, and the carnifex finished the same nob off. In exchange the three nobs obliterated the carnifex... 9 wounds, ouch!
Next he says, oh yeah, I get to attack your flesh hounds with my wrecking ball... Strength nine and I fail the invulnerable... down to 2...

Nid Turn 2:
Reserve roll brought in the spore mines which landed on a battle wagon and a looted vehicle. Unfortunately not even a shaken... He also got his two raveners, but rolled a bad scatter and had to roll on the scatter chart. He rolled a 3 and promptly told me I got the choice. I placed them in the orc deployment zone within range with his devourers to the orcs mek. Those shokk attack guns where bothering me Wink . His movement again consisted of moving his models towards the orcs... and for some reason away from me. Hmmm, mr hive tyrant doesn't want to take on the thirster? Shooting didn't do much but shake the ork trukk. As for assault, two genestealer units each struck, one against the dread and the other hit a battlewagon. He also charged a unit of termagaunts against a battlewagon, and his spinegaunts against the wartrukk. I pointed out that his spinegaunts couldn't hurt the trukk at such a low strength, he said that he wanted to tie it up, I then explained that you couldn't tie up a vehicle that didn't have a WS....
The one unit of stealers tore off all of the dreads armaments, but couldn't finish the deal, the other unit proceeded to rip off its big gun, but again couldn't finish the deal, and the gaunts actually stunned the battlewagon. Then the wrecking ball on his one battle wagon tried to hit the raveners and another one tried to kill off another hound.

My turn two:
Three units turned up on my side. One unit of blood letters with a standard, one unit with the instrument and the second flesh hound unit. The icon unit landed within six inches of my herald so didn't need to scatter, the instrument unit was placed in the middle of an open area then proceeded to roll a hit on the die, and the hounds scattered eight inches, behind scenery. I then moved units, my Daemon Princess with wings got ready to charge the warriors, the crushers and their attached herald moved for a better charge on the biovores, thirster moved closer to the tyrant, princess moved closer to the zoanthrope. Shooting phase consisted of me using run to disperse the three units that arrived. Assault consisted of first 4 wrecking ball attacks! then I got to do my assault moves. Combat had me wounding the tyrant four times and only losing one on the thirster, the tyrant then passed all of its saves for losing combat. The flying princess killed 2 of the warriors, but took 2 wounds in return, he then lost another model to 2 failed saves from combat resolution. The Herald Killed both of the biovores before even the crushers could attack. The princess killed the zoanthrope outright. The 2 hounds left in the first unit proceeded to stun the battlewagon and the stealers blew up the dread.

Orc turn 3:
Without a lot of models left the orc player moved the battlewagon the guants had assaulted 6" to try and tank shock... he was able to get both the gaunts and the stealers that had blown up the dread. He also turned one 'Wagon arround and shocked the raveners. Shooting was pretty fast as he had decided to just play twisted metal 40k style! Stealers were knocked down to 2 models, the guants to 4. His Broodlords squad was down to the lord and 2 stealers, but were finally able to blow up their battlewagon, while the ravenors lost three wounds so were at one model. I lost one hound to the wrecking ball, so down to one. Bloodthirster and tyrant hit each other again, only the tyrant couldn't get pass the invulnerable save, and I added another four to the tally... can you say one dead tyrant? The warriors were unable to wound the daemon princess again, but I killed another one and a half, then he failed the last of his saves.

Nid turn 3:
No lictor yet, rolled a 2.
Movement consisted of... he didn't move. Shooting phase consisted of... Well, he didn't do that either. Assault consisted of 3 wrecking ball attacks, and pretty much the rest of the ork players army.

My turn 3:
I recieved both of my icon squads. Both land near an icon so as not to scatter. I then do movement... My whole army moved towards his nids, then during the shooting phase pretty much my whole army ran towards his nids. Unfortunately only two units were able to get into assault: The last flesh hound from the first squad. It was able to charge the 4 man guant squad, and the non flying daemon princes charged the spine guant squad. The hound killed one guant, no wounds in return and the princess killed all but one guant, who was now outside of synapse range. Needless to say he failed his leadership and I ended up escorting him off the board.

Nid turn 4:
Lictor came in on the roof of a somewhat central building.
Movement consisted of him moving his two genestealer units closer to me. He charged my thirster with two genestealers (he was also going to charge him with the lictor but couldn't reach) and the brood lord and his stealers charged the crushers. Also the ravenor charged the second unit of hounds. First unit of hounds whiffed on his attacks, but didn't take a wound in return. stealers hit six times against the thirster, but didn't wound. In return he killed both of them like they were little gnats... well they are bugs. The broodlord went first against the crushers killing one of them and putting a wound on another. I realized that if I remove the one the lord was in base to base with then one of the two stealers wouldn't be able to attack, so I ended up losing one more to rending that could have been a lot worse. In return I failed to wound (herald was at the back of the unit). Ravenor killed 3 hounds and was promptly killed in return.

My turn 4:
Last two units arrived.
Movement was used to set up charges. Shooting just involved dispersing the newly arrived units. Charges were the last two hounds and a unit of bloodletters into the broodlord and his 2 stealers and the thirster into the lictor. Broodlord kills one more crusher, stealers only kill one letter, herald kills the broodlord and the letters killed the stealers. Lictor went first against the thirster, hit 3 times, 1 wound saved. Thirster nonchalantly rips off the lictors head... 6 hits, 5 wounds, no saves... I asked him if I could have his lictors head to put on my base... he wasn't happy about that. We looked at the board and saw that I had one Princess with 3 wounds, one Thirster with 3 wounds, 4 full bloodletter squads, 2 partial hounds, 1 crusher, one letter squad missing one guy, and a herald of khorne... He had three guants and a unit of spineguants that would recycle on his next turn... I asked him if he wanted to continue.

Lessons learned: Always assault anything that has a deathroller. Most of the kills the ork player had were because of them and the wrecking ball.

I need to spend some time with the nid player to help him learn his army, it was way too over the place and needs some distinction and tactics. Lord knows he has enough models to play whatever he wanted. Some of the things he took were either because he didn't read what everything could do or he didn't know what he could take.

Take less points. Honestly, against a nid player just learning and an ork player that just wanted to goof around I could have easily under pointed myself by 500 points and still won this battle. Next time we get together I think I'm going to just play with less points and not tell them.

Deathrollers are nasty! Sorry to post this one twice, but 2d6 st 10 attacks for such a low price? Whoever wrote the ork codex needs to have their head examined! Or at least make it so that you can only get one of the assault based upgrades per vehicle... The only reason he said he didn't take the boarding plank was that he didn't want to keep the nobz on the wagons....

Go over the rules for everything better until we have fifth memorized like we had fourth... I know that there were some things that we missed and there were probably some things I didn't even notice.

Lastly, it was a fun game. More than 2 player games usually are though...

Excellent Battle Report. +1 Karma - Anton.
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Default Re: 3 way, Khorne daemons vs nids vs orks

Nice, but you are right... The choices that you'r opponents made were pretty bad. Seems you have a pretty effective list though, see if you can get a battle report with a 1V1 for each of them when they get better lists =]

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