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Starting out with Chaos space Marines
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Starting out with Chaos space Marines

Well ive decided to start collecting chaos space Marines however, i am not sure on how to start. I already know that my army will be Khorn wershipers however, I donīt know what miniatures to start out with getting. Also I would like not to feild to many tanks. Thanks for helping ;D
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Default Re: Starting out with Chaos space Marines

Let us see if you want good at close combat troops for khrone you will need either khrone berserkers or iconed chaos space marines. Khrone berserkers are are less money and but are expensive points wise. thing is iconed chaos marines get I would recommend getting some raptors for getting into close combat fast.
Here is a way to poor hammer some raptors and get cheap since you want to get into close combat to used blood for the blood god.http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=68776.0 It is khorne berserkers with space marine jump packs and spiky bits on them. You may want to also pick up the chaos space marine set and have some iconed because it comes with special weapons and a power weapon and a powerfist Get the ten man set it comes with all the stuff you want. (which you want on aspiring champion or skull champions.) note this is not necessary if you have a large bits box full of stuff.
Also you will want a lord or a demon Prince for an HQ. So in the end first you should get 2 troops and one HQ. The demon prince can be targetted and cannot join squads. If you are planning on making a large army you can get possessed for a lot of powerfist arms that look like them at least. Also with this you will get wings for a lord which look cool and allow them to be in transport. For your raptors I say get the jump lord with twin lightning claws can is great vs anything t5 or lower without an invul save.
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Default Re: Starting out with Chaos space Marines

*whistle whistle whistle*

The battleforce, perhaps? Best bang for you buck, truthfully. It's almost always the ebst place to start. Also, a bunch of new Apocalypse sets are being re-released which give you a ton of models as well for good pricing. However, a simple blister of a Chaos Lord and a box of berserkers is all you need to get started. Lots of berserkers are going to make the core of your army if you want a true Khorne army, with some standard Marines to back you up.

Tanks aren't necessary for a Khorne army, but be prepared to have a lot of models. They will take a lot of fire on their charge across the board. Most Khorne armies I have seen make liberal use of rhinos.

However, absolutely positively pick up the codex with your first purchase. That has everything you need to know and will help get you playing. It is invaluable to your Khorne based efforts
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Default Re: Starting out with Chaos space Marines

Another thing to note is that if you do buy the battleforce, you can mix and match the parts. This should allow you to make every model a Khorne Berzerker. Or at the very least up the number you have from 8 to 16 or 20.

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