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Daemon Codex fluff question
Old 15 Jun 2008, 21:49   #1 (permalink)
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Default Daemon Codex fluff question

Thinking about getting the Daemon Codex, but only really for its fluff merits.

So I was wondering, is the fluff in it any good?
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Default Re: Daemon Codex fluff question

Well, it's not bad... I think the fantasy demon book is better fluff wise, honestly. The 40k one is okay, but there isn't a lot of substantial fluff in any of the codexes anymore. Some few specifics, some general knowledge, but not much i didn't really already know. However, it isn't a bad read regardless and it's always fun looking at the rules (especially if you want to use some models with a standard Chaos army in Apocalypse).
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Default Re: Daemon Codex fluff question

I actually enjoyed the fluff, especially the descriptions of the "homes" of the gods...


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